ZimbabweHuchi Business ZESA Urgent Alert: Upgrade Your Prepaid Meters to Avoid Power Disruption

ZESA Urgent Alert: Upgrade Your Prepaid Meters to Avoid Power Disruption

ZESA Urgent Alert: Upgrade Your Prepaid Meters to Avoid Power Disruption post thumbnail image
Consumers in Zimbabwe are on the verge of facing a looming crisis as the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) issues a serious warning regarding prepaid electricity meters. ZETDC, a subsidiary of ZESA, declares that the current generation of prepaid meters will cease to function after November 24, 2024, urging consumers to upgrade promptly to avoid being left in the dark.

Upgrade Timely or Face Power Cuts, ZETDC Urges

ZETDC’s acting public relations officer, Ms Alaina Suliwa, stressed the urgency of the situation during an interview with the Sunday Mail. The prepaid meter upgrade initiative, launched on November 17, 2023, has seen an 85% success rate in selected areas. However, the remaining 15% non-TID compliant meters will be replaced at no cost to consumers. Ms Suliwa emphasized that failure to upgrade by the specified date will result in a disruption of power supply.

Token Identifier System and the Deadline

The existing prepaid meters operate on a Token Identifier (TID) system for token authentication. After November 24, 2024, the TID system’s memory will expire, rendering prepaid meters incapable of accepting recharge tokens. Ms Suliwa highlighted that the upgrade not only ensures uninterrupted recharging services but also introduces enhanced security features to the meter.

National Rollout and Compliance with International Standards

ZETDC’s commercial director, Engineer Ralph Katsande, reassured customers that the upgrade program, initially piloted in selected areas, is now officially being rolled out nationwide. This initiative aligns with the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) system for prepaid meters, an internationally recognized standard. Engineer Katsande emphasized that the commitment to customer trust and protection is the driving force behind the expansion of the upgrade program.

Act Now to Prevent Power Outages

ZESA prepaid meters

Power outages if people do not upgrade ZESA prepaid meters-Image Source@zimprofiles

As the deadline approaches, consumers are strongly urged to take immediate action to upgrade their prepaid meters. Failure to do so not only risks power cuts but also has the potential to disrupt homes and businesses nationwide. The STS system guarantees interoperability and heightened security, making the upgrade an essential measure to maintain a reliable and secure electricity supply, according to Ms Suliwa.

Conclusion: The Clock is Ticking

With the countdown to November 24, 2024, underway, it is crucial for consumers to act promptly and upgrade their prepaid meters. Failing to do so may result in a loss of power, causing inconvenience and disruptions. Stay informed, take action, and ensure your uninterrupted access to electricity by upgrading your prepaid meter before the looming deadline.

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