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Woman protest after ditched by boyfriend shows honeypot

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A Zimbabwean woman protested against her boyfriend decision ditch her by showing off her honeypot during a musical show at Werras Sports Bar in Harare.

The woman only identified as Martha stripped and danced on the stage whilst revellers go frenzy.

In an interview with a local publication, she said that is stressed.

“I’m bored; my lover, who didn’t go to the party, dumped me.

“I am aware that I am undressing, and I am inviting everyone to join me for some quality time.

“I’m not intoxicated; it’s worry,” I’m alone when others are having fun,” she remarked.

Witnesses maintained that Martha was intoxicated and still learning how to drink beer.

Takudzwa, a man who only gave his first name, said:

“This female I know was mixing a lot of illegal brews with some ciders.

She is now performing at this party that Werras Park management has planned, he remarked.

“If she is not possessed, how can anyone try to exorcise a demon out of her?

Martha was motivated by the performer known as Young Fantan, who demanded that he be allowed to strip off on stage, eyewitness claimed.

Her brother, who was displeased with her behavior, later took her away. “Yes, I’m her brother, and I’m really bummed out since I’m no longer having fun at the party.

“I worry about my sister being mistreated.

He added, “She also opened the car of people who were spending time together and nearly made another scene.



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