Winky D Joins The League Of Legends

By Stewart Nyamayaro

Winky D has finally earned legendary title even after weeks of divided opinion over his Njema album.

One would swear the album is well-knit and is for the mature people

Average will be an understatement, for Njema has been praised because of Winky D’s lyrical prowess and content laden with message that will stay forever.

Winky D has displayed maturity that has lured some majority of fans who never used to pay attention to his music.

Njema music is full of meaningful metaphors with a deeper meaning.He finally joins legends like Oliver Mtukudzi, Thomas Mapfumo, Paul Matavire and other legends not mentioned.

If has however become difficult to single out one song as better than the other.

If he was to release the whole album a track by day every single would have definitely become a hit.



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