ZimbabweHuchi Business Who Is Businessman Moses Mpofu? – A Detailed Biography

Who Is Businessman Moses Mpofu? – A Detailed Biography

Who Is Businessman Moses Mpofu? – A Detailed Biography post thumbnail image

Moses Mpofu is a well-known figure in the Zimbabwean business scene, primarily recognized for his participation in various controversial business activities. His involvement in contentious dealings, especially within Zimbabwe’s tender processes, has brought his name into the public eye. This biography delves into his life, career, and the numerous controversies that have surrounded him.

How Old is Moses Mpofu?

While the exact birth date of Moses Mpofu is not publicly available, it is widely believed that he is 49 years old as of 2024. This estimate is supported by a tweet from Temba Mliswa in July 2022, mentioning Mpofu’s 47th birthday celebration. This public acknowledgement provides a clear indication of Mpofu’s age and offers a glimpse into his personal timeline.

Who Is Moses Mpofu’s Wife?

Details about Moses Mpofu’s wife are sparse as he tends to keep his personal life private. However, in July 2022, Temba Mliswa disclosed on social media that Moses Mpofu is married to a woman referred to as “Mai Norma.” This information came to light during a tweet about Mpofu’s 47th birthday celebration.

Moses Mpofu

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Early Life & Education

Moses Mpofu was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Specific details about his early years and education are not extensively documented. However, it is known that he pursued higher education, although the names of the institutions he attended and the degrees he obtained have not been publicly detailed.

What is Moses Mpofu’s Relationship to Wicknell Chivayo?

Moses Mpofu has a notable association with Wicknell Chivayo, another controversial figure in Zimbabwean business. They collaborated on a deal involving the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to supply biometric voter registration kits and other materials for the 2023 Zimbabwe Harmonised Elections. This partnership eventually led to significant disputes.


Moses Mpofu has been engaged in multiple business ventures. Together with Mike Chimombe, he partnered with Wicknell Chivayo through Better Brands Security (Pvt) Ltd. They secured a $40 million tender from ZEC to provide electoral materials for the 2023 elections. This contract, however, became a focal point for controversy and allegations of fraudulent activity.


Moses Mpofu’s career is fraught with controversies, particularly in relation to his business dealings with Wicknell Chivayo. The most significant controversy revolves around the ZEC tender scandal, which brought forth accusations of deceit and financial misconduct.

2024 Wicknell Chivayo Leaked Audios Controversy

In 2024, Moses Mpofu became embroiled in a scandal involving leaked audio recordings allegedly of Wicknell Chivayo. These recordings, widely shared on social media, purportedly feature Chivayo bragging about his influence over President Emmerson Mnangagwa and manipulating government contracts. Chivayo is heard claiming he sidelined Mpofu and Chimombe from the lucrative ZEC tender, despite their initial involvement through Better Brands Security (Pvt) Ltd. Investigations revealed that the contract for biometric voter registration kits was inflated by up to 235%, raising significant concerns about corruption and overpricing. High-ranking government officials, including those in President Mnangagwa’s office, reportedly approved the deal, according to The NewsHawks.

An investigation by The NewsHawks revealed that Moses Mpofu and Mike Chimombe wrote a scathing letter to Wicknell Chivayo, accusing him of fraudulently altering their contract with Ren-Form to favor his own interests. This letter, addressed to Angus Carlaw, Ren-Form International Business Development Executive, detailed how Chivayo hijacked the $40 million ZEC deal, leading to inflated invoices by up to 235%. Chivayo allegedly absconded with the majority of the payment, leaving his partners in a difficult position.

The leaked audios caused a public outcry, revealing how Chivayo allegedly manipulated agreements and inflated invoices to siphon funds meant for electoral materials procurement. Mpofu and Chimombe were portrayed as aggrieved partners accusing Chivayo of fraudulently excluding them from the deal, which they claim to have initiated.

Fallout with Wicknell Chivayo

The fallout between Moses Mpofu and Wicknell Chivayo intensified following the leaked audio revelations. Mpofu, alongside Mike Chimombe, accused Chivayo of breaching their partnership agreement and manipulating the ZEC tender process for personal gain. They alleged that Chivayo orchestrated their exclusion from the contract, despite their initial efforts to secure the tender in collaboration with the South African company Ren-Form CC.

The controversy escalated as Mpofu and Chimombe threatened legal action, demanding accountability and restitution for the perceived fraudulent practices. Their accusations sparked investigations into the ZEC tender process, drawing scrutiny from government officials and civil society organizations.

Chivayo’s Response To Leaked Audios

Wicknell Chivayo responded by denying the authenticity of the recordings, branding them as fabricated and malicious. He claimed the audios were part of an extortion scheme by Chimombe and Mpofu. Chivayo’s statements sought to absolve himself and shift the blame onto his former partners.

Chivayo refuted the allegations, asserting that the recordings were digitally manipulated. He accused Moses Mpofu and Mike Chimombe of orchestrating a smear campaign against him. His extensive statement emphasized his lawful business practices, though the controversy continued to spotlight questionable aspects of their business dealings.

Government and ZANU PF Reactions

The leaked audio recordings and subsequent investigations caused significant concern among government and ruling party officials. Zanu PF officials issued cryptic social media messages condemning Chivayo’s claims of influence over President Mnangagwa. The ruling party expressed discontent with Chivayo’s behavior, stating such actions would not be tolerated. The Zanu PF Youth League called for authorities to take measures against further claims from Chivayo, distancing the party from his actions and affirming the integrity of their leadership.


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