productivityWhatsapp is a great tool for consistent and constant touch/communication with friends and family,lovers etc. I especially love the free part of it…(come on..who doesn’t love free things?though of course its technically not free since you have to pay a dollar after a free trial period of one year and since it also uses your internet connection for which you have to pay nevertheless the amount of internet charges it incurs is so insignificant as to make no difference)

Unfortunately, the team behind WhatsApp neither ironed out the issue of battery consumption nor provided the users with a simple way to disable the application from running in the background upon exiting so that you may save your battery or concentrate on work or whatever or at least be offline for a while,  sometimes i get more than 200 messages and i am in a lecture or at work or just want to have some alone time…and because of curiosity you are forced to peep at it and the next thing all you are doing is whatsapp non stop.

Anways we always figure out a way around hurdles dont we?….and google is our friend…hehehe….

NB most of the methods below deny internet access to all other applications.

For iphone

you go settings>general>network>cellular data you turn it off and you are done

For blackberry

1)On the Home screen, click the connections area at the top of the screen, or click the Manage Connections icon.

2)Click Mobile Network Options. Do one of the following: Set to off data services…

3)Press the Menu key > and then Close . and voila…all your applications wont be able to connect to the internet(including whatsapp) until you set data services on again

For android fones these vary but the concept is the same so in general go to settings/Wireless&networks/Mobile networks/ and then disable data access or turn offconnection to the internet. you can still I can receive calls, texts etc…on my htc chacha…(rungs gingerbread) i go to wireless and networks then turn off connection to the internet under mobile network.

For nokia for nokia there is no straight forward fix but you can download and

install NetQin Mobile Guard 3.0 for Symbian and run the app This is how i force exit or close WhatsApp? from running (even background process) on my Nokia E52.

1) Download and Install NetQin? Mobile Guard 3.0 for Symbian and run the application. 2)Click on OS Scan and NetQin? will display a report after scanning your phone. 3)Go to “Auto-start apps” to disable WhatsApp? from auto start whenever the phone restarts. 4)Go to “Memory usage” to close currently running WhatsApp? application. WhatsApp? is now completely turned off.

another method though-less effective is to go to settings>phone>network and under network mode change to gsm…



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