‘We Did Not Go To War So That We Donate Power To MDC’,Says Government

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Defence Minister, Oppah Muchinguri, has said that the party has to be vigilant as the opposition is now using unorthodox means to fight the ruling party.

The minister said that the MDC was now using social media which she claimed was had become the new enemy of both the ruling party and the country hence the need to avoid complacency.

Speaking during a meeting between war veterans and war collaborators from the 1970s bush war for independence in Gweru on Saturday, Muchinguri said:

Social media has become the new enemy we are facing as a party and country. Our children are being used to circulate false information to destabilise the country. We should watch out for people who want to infiltrate us.

We must be on the lookout for the enemy, that’s what we went to war for. We did not go to war so that we donate power, power is not donated but should be defended.

Her remarks come after MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa has called for a 7-day national prayer and fasting programme that will be followed by massive protests over the deteriorating state of affairs in the country.

The MDC attributes all the challenges to the legitimacy crisis which it claims emanated from ZANU PF’s manipulation of the 2018 elections.

Zimbabwe has a huge deficit in food, medicines, fuel and electricity. These issues are also closely linked to the soaring inflation that has eroded the salaries of workers across sectors.



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