“We Are No Longer Friends”: Jackie Ngarande On Pokello Nare

“We Are No Longer Friends”: Jackie On Pokello 

Following rumours that Jackie Ngarande was put on the spotlight by Pokello Nare, the former has broken her silence and revealed that the two are no longer friends and they don’t talk anymore.

According to Jackie, the two last spoke when socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure died.

During an interview on Star FM Jackie put it down to growth without giving anything away.

She said:

“Growth, there are certain times in life where you can’t take certain people to the next level, growth happened, Pokello couldn’t take me to the next level of her life, I couldn’t take her to the next level of my life, that’s growth.

The last time I called her was when Genius died. I called her that morning and I was crying. That’s the last time I spoke to her. We are no longer friends, Ola. We not friends anymore. No, bitter, come on. Do I look bitter. Its not even deep like what you are thinking”

She rejected claims that people only got to know her through Pokello.

“When I came back from the village I was scouted by a woman called Mercy Mushaninga.

I got on the limelight through modelling. I should never be identified through somebody else. Pokello was my friend. I have got nothing bad to say about her, whatever, the time we spent together as friends, I cherish. From the day we stopped being friends because of growth until now I have never said anything bad about her and I will never say anything bad about her.

She did not do anything bad to me I did not do anything bad to her and I will not speak negative of her. But for people to say that they got to know me through Pokello, that’s not fair. I have worked so hard for my image.

Watch the full interview on StarFM Facebook page.



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