Watch| Kids Confront Their Dad Over Infidelity 

Watch| Kids Confront Their Dad Over Infidelity 

Social media users were left divided after children of a Ugandan couple found messages of their dad cheating on their mother and confronted him before posting the the confrontation video online for everyone to see.

The confrontation has divided social media with many saying that the kids shouldn’t have meddled in their parents business.

A Twitter user Fahad Amir Nsubuga took to his page and captioned the video:

These kids checked their Dad’s Phone, found messages between him & another woman cheating on their mom, confronted him as they displayed the messages for everyone to read in the living room.

Watch the video below:

Check out some of the responses to the post.


You are a product of your parents’ marriage yes, but your parents’ marriage is NOT your marriage. Better let the married couple sort out their issues between themselves. You’re a stakeholder, but not a shareholder like them.

This can only end badly.


If it ends badly, it ends badly because of the man. The kids should be sadistic or complacent enough to just watch their mum suffer endlessly? It’s the kids that have done something wrong now? You say “This can only end badly.” like it’s not already a bad situation.




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