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Victoria Falls Safari Lodge: A Wilderness Oasis

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Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, nestled near the iconic Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, draws its name from the globally renowned Victoria Falls, a spectacle of nature’s grandeur.

This nomenclature pays homage to the region’s natural allure and the lodge’s strategic positioning near this awe-inspiring natural wonder.The naming of Victoria Falls has dual facets:

European Moniker:

  • Named by: Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone in 1855
  • Honoring: Queen Victoria of the British Empire
  • Significance: This marked the initial formal documentation of the falls by a European, bringing the natural wonder to the attention of the Western world.

Indigenous Appellation:

  • Name: Mosi-oa-Tunya (in the Lozi language)
  • Meaning: “The Smoke That Thunders”
  • Significance: Reflects the awe-inspiring power and perpetual mist rising from the falls, known to local communities for centuries.

Both names are widely acknowledged today, with ongoing discussions about potential renaming to honor the falls’ historical and cultural significance for local communities.

A Tale of Time

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, rooted in providing guests with a premium safari experience, has a captivating history.

Established to create a harmonious blend of luxury and nature, the lodge has evolved into a distinguished destination synonymous with comfort and elegance amidst the untamed African wilderness.

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The lodge’s journey commenced in its early days (1999-2000):

Genesis (1999-2000):

  • Conceptualized by: Africa Albida Tourism (AAT), a leading Zimbabwean hospitality group committed to sustainability and community engagement.
  • Construction: Initiated in 1999 with meticulous attention to minimizing environmental impact, utilizing local materials and indigenous vegetation extensively.
  • Opening: The lodge officially welcomed guests in 2000, marking a significant addition to Victoria Falls’ hospitality landscape.

Growth and Recognition (2000-present):

Since its inception, the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge has garnered numerous accolades, cementing its name as the go to lodge for visitors.

Geographical Marvel

Perched on the brink of a plateau, the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge offers breathtaking views of the Zambezi National Park, immersing guests in the beauty of the surrounding wilderness.

Its strategic positioning provides easy access to the majestic Victoria Falls and the diverse flora and fauna of the region.

Exclusive Accommodations and Luxurious Amenities

Experience a range of lavish accommodations at the lodge, featuring spacious rooms and suites designed for modern comfort while seamlessly blending with the natural environment.

Indulge in world-class amenities, including fine dining, spa services, and outdoor leisure facilities.

Victoria Falls Safari Club

Located at Stand 471c Squire Cummings Ave, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls Safari Club boasts a 4.6 rating on Google Maps.

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Victoria Falls Safari Spa

Explore the Victoria Falls Safari Spa at 471 Squire Cummings Rd, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It awaits with top-notch services.

Accommodations and Amenities at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Ensure a perfect stay by checking these hotel details:

  • Luxurious suites and rooms with panoramic views
  • Private balconies or patios
  • En-suite bathrooms with bathtubs and showers
  • Air conditioning and ceiling fans
  • In-room safes
  • Tea and coffee-making facilities


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