ZimbabweHuchi Business Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age, Education, Empowered by Vee, BBC 100 Women 2023

Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age, Education, Empowered by Vee, BBC 100 Women 2023

Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age, Education, Empowered by Vee, BBC 100 Women 2023 post thumbnail image
Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu, a dynamic 24-year-old education activist with roots in Zimbabwe and Britain, has gained global acclaim for her tireless efforts in championing girls’ education. Boasting a substantial social media following exceeding 300,000, Kativhu leverages her influence to uplift underprivileged students, encouraging them to recognize and harness their academic potential.

Established in 2018, her organization, Empowered By Vee, strives to narrow the gap between academic capability and self-belief. This biography delves into the life, education, and impactful contributions of Vee Kativhu to the realm of education activism and empowerment initiatives on a global scale.

Educational Journey

Kativhu holds a bachelor’s degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from Oxford University, complemented by a master’s degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University. Her academic prowess has been acknowledged with prestigious accolades, including the Diana Award Legacy Award, a UK Rare Rising Star recognition by Members of Parliament, and acknowledgment as a Diversity Champion by the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University.

Empowered By Vee

Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu

Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu-Image Source@zimprofiles

Initiated in 2018, Empowered By Vee serves as a beacon for students aged 16-25, fostering an environment that encourages academic excellence. The organization equips young minds with essential skills and a resilient mindset to overcome societal barriers, urging them to embrace their talents and believe in their intrinsic worth.

Career Milestones & Contributions

From balancing studies with a part-time job at McDonald’s to earning degrees from prestigious institutions, Kativhu’s journey has inspired thousands globally. Her YouTube channel, launched during her university years, aimed to share the experiences of a student from a lower socio-economic background, providing study tips and resources to a wider audience.

As the author of ‘EMPOWERED: Live your life with passion and purpose,’ a self-help book addressing various facets of empowerment, Kativhu actively supports education-focused charities like United World Schools, CAMFED, and GirlUp Zimbabwe.

Impactful Initiatives & Future Endeavours

Kativhu envisions pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, aspiring to contribute to the global enhancement of girls’ education. Her focus lies in tackling the critical issue of over 130 million girls out of school. Advocating strongly for female empowerment, she believes it is integral to creating a sustainable, just, and equal world where girls are secure, respected, and autonomous.

BBC 100 Women 2023

Vee Kativhu’s inclusion in the BBC’s annual list of 100 inspiring and influential women for 2023 places her alongside notable figures like Michelle Obama and Amal Clooney. Her remarkable journey, from juggling studies and part-time work at McDonald’s to earning degrees from Oxford and Harvard, combined with impactful initiatives like her YouTube channel and the establishment of Empowered By Vee, has earned her this prestigious recognition.




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