ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Tytan Nkomo Biography | Wife | Children | Past Girlfriends | Discography | Businesses

Tytan Nkomo Biography | Wife | Children | Past Girlfriends | Discography | Businesses

Tytan Nkomo Biography | Wife | Children | Past Girlfriends | Discography | Businesses post thumbnail image

Tytan Nkomo Biography | Wife | Children | Past Girlfriends | Discography | Businesses

Tytan (born February 6, 1990) is a Zimbabwean musician, manager, and public figure known for his contributions to the music industry and his involvement in high-profile relationships. He first gained significant attention when he collaborated with renowned artist Ammara Brown on the popular duet track titled “Mukoko.”


In April 2019, Tytan shared the joyous news on his Instagram page that his wife Olinda had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. They lovingly named her Nandi Tadiwa Nkomo.

Tytan and Nandi-Image Source@Instagram

Tytan and Nandi-Image Source@Instagram

Marriage to Olinda Chapel

Tytan’s fame soared further when he found himself in the midst of a media frenzy following his romantic involvement with Olinda Chapel, the ex-wife of prominent rapper Stunner. This highly publicized relationship drew widespread attention and became intensely scrutinised within Zimbabwean media circles.

In March 2018, Tytan made headlines again by officially paying lobola (a traditional African dowry) for Olinda Chapel, further solidifying their relationship and capturing the public’s interest.

However, in early August 2019, Tytan publicly disclosed that his relationship with Olinda had come to an end, citing allegations of abuse as a contributing factor. This revelation sent shockwaves throughout the media and prompted discussions surrounding issues of domestic violence.

In an unexpected turn of events, Tytan and Olinda resolved their differences and reconciled, subsequently deciding to continue their relationship. This reconciliation added yet another chapter to their tumultuous journey together.


Tytan began his educational journey at SOS Herman Gmeiner Primary School. Continuing his studies into high school, he first enrolled at Marist Brothers Secondary School, followed by Nyanga High School, and finally St Francis Xavier’s Kutama College.

Music Career

In 2014, Tytan established himself as a musician in his neighbourhood of Waterfalls, where numerous musicians resided. He frequented the Parktown side, where Roki and members of Mafriq also stayed. Shona rapper Mugo and GT approached Tytan, requesting him to record some songs. However, Tytan later decided to remove these songs from his SoundCloud page because he believed they did not align with his current artistic brand.

On February 14, 2017, he released the single “Bho,” accompanied by a music video featuring Ex-Q, Stunner, and producer Begottensun.

Career as a Manager

Before joining ZB Bank as an IT technician, Tytan held a managerial position at a restaurant located in the Borrowdale Brook Country Golf Club in Harare. His journey at ZB Bank began as a messenger but he quickly progressed in his career. Meanwhile, in 2013, he collaborated with renowned musician Cynthia Mare upon her return from the United Kingdom.

While still at ZB Bank, Tytan decided to leave in February 2014 to fully dedicate himself to his role as Mare’s Manager under his newly established Skhokho Management label. During this time, he successfully facilitated the release of Mare’s second studio album, “Songs My Mother Loved” in 2013. Additionally, Tytan expanded the reach of the Skhokho Management label by engaging the talents of Donald Kanyuchi and Abra Skimbo.

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