Two nuns who returned from a missionary trip to Africa pregnant are being investigated by the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is looking into two nuns after they got pregnant while on missions.

According to reports, the African ladies, who belong to several orders in Sicily, were pregnant while on separate missions to their native countries.

A 34-year-old nun from a convent in the northern Messinian town of Militello Rosmarino learned she was pregnant after seeking medical attention for excruciating abdominal pain, according to the African Hub.

The second nun, a mother superior who looks after the elderly in Ragusa’s Ispica city in the southeast, has also learned she is expecting.

Mayor of Militello Rosmarino Salvatore Riotta claimed to know one of the nuns “well” and expressed “regret” about the manner in which the information had been released.

There is regret for what happened, he informed the press. The lack of secrecy with which some have handled the news has perplexed our community of 1,200 residents.

The mayor continued, saying that everyone adored the nun, who had just recently taken her vows.

Ruggero Razza, the health councillor for Sicily, promised to conduct an internal probe to learn how the pregnancies came to light.

In a Facebook post, he continued, “I want to show my sympathy first and foremost with them and their respective orders.

“I believe it unfair that information that ought to have remained private in medical facilities has become known to the public.”

According to the Gazzetta del Sud, the women will have the option of leaving the Order and taking care of their children.

While the mother superior, who was believed to be about one month pregnant, went back to her home country of Madagascar, the 34-year-old nun was transferred to a different order in Palermo.

For the first time, Pope Francis acknowledged the Catholic Church’s longstanding problem with priests and even bishops sexually assaulting nuns earlier this year. There is no information around whether the nuns were abused in this case.

When the pope returned to the Vatican in February following a trip to the United Arab Emirates, he addressed reporters on board the papal jet. He claimed some of the nuns had been used as sex slaves and acknowledged more needed to be done to stop it.

“It is true that some priests and even bishops have committed this offense. According to the Associated Press, he stated, “I think it’s still going on because something doesn’t stop just because you become aware of it.

We spent a lot of time working on this. Because of this, we have suspended some priests.



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