ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Trevor Dongo Biography: Early Life, Education, Music Career, and Personal Life

Trevor Dongo Biography: Early Life, Education, Music Career, and Personal Life

Trevor Dongo Biography: Early Life, Education, Music Career, and Personal Life post thumbnail image

Trevor Dongo was born on September 27, 1986, as the eldest child in a family of six, and the only son among five sisters. He grew up in the vibrant Highfield suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe, surrounded by a rich cultural environment that influenced his artistic development. Trevor began his education at Rusvingo Primary School, where his passion for music first emerged. He continued his education at Kwayedza High School.

Music Career

Trevor’s journey into music started as a schoolboy hobby, but it soon became apparent that his talent could lead to a professional career. While balancing his college studies, he began recording demos, marking his entry into the music industry.

In 2004, during the Urban Grooves movement, Trevor gained prominence as a Zimbabwean R&B artist. His debut album, ‘Ndozviita Sei’, was a commercial success, with the title track becoming an instant hit. Trevor continued to release popular albums like ‘Ruvarashe’ and ‘First Verse’, featuring well-loved tracks such as ‘Musikana wangu’ and ‘Ndashamisika’. His collaboration with Nox and Tawanda Mugodi in the group AfroUnik produced the album ‘Uniqueness’, which included the widely played gospel song ‘Musipo’.

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In 2012, ‘Ndashamisika’ was voted song of the year on Power FM, a youth-focused radio station.

Trevor’s international presence grew with tours in the United Kingdom and Canada. His dynamic stage performances and exceptional vocal skills have earned him a loyal following both at home and abroad.

Personal Life

Off stage, Trevor’s life has seen both joyful moments and significant challenges. In April 2014, he celebrated his engagement to Ashley Mawumbe, with many fellow musicians and friends attending the event. However, Trevor has also openly discussed his struggles with depression since 2021, courageously sharing his experiences to raise awareness and help others facing similar issues.

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In 2024, a scandal involving his fiancée Natasha, who became pregnant and then eloped, made headlines.


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