ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Tongayi Chirisa Biography| Background, Acting Career, Filmography, Awards, Music Career, Marital Status

Tongayi Chirisa Biography| Background, Acting Career, Filmography, Awards, Music Career, Marital Status

Tongayi Chirisa Biography| Background, Acting Career, Filmography, Awards, Music Career, Marital Status post thumbnail image

Tongayi Chirisa Biography| Background, Acting Career, Filmography, Awards, Music Career, Marital Status 

Tongayi Arnold Chirisa is a multi-talented Zimbabwean actor, singer, and producer who has made a significant impact in the world of entertainment. Chirisa, now based in Hollywood, developed a passion for the arts at a young age and has since become a prominent figure in both local and international film, television, and music.

Chirisa was born on August 8, 1981, and pursued his education at Lomagundi College before later relocating to South Africa. He attended The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA), where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree. While he has achieved recognition for his professional accomplishments, Tongayi Chirisa tends to keep his personal life private, resulting in limited information available about his parents, family, and personal details. As of 2023, Tongayi Chirisa is 42 years old.

Acting Career

Tongayi Chirisa’s acting career has been marked by determination, versatility, and a relentless pursuit of success. Despite initially considering a path in the hospitality sector, Chirisa followed his passion for acting and fearlessly embarked on a journey to make his mark in the industry.

Career Highlights

He made a transition to theatre, showcasing his talent in notable productions such as “Crossroads,” “Upside Down,” “The Island,” “Harry,” and “The Brother from the Older Mother.”

Tongayi Chirisa’s breakthrough came in the form of his role as Detective Trevor Davies in the popular Zimbabwean television series “Studio 263“ from 2003 to 2005. This paved the way for his film debut in 2003 with “Blood Covenant,” followed by notable appearances in films like “Cousin Brother” and “Evil in Our Midst.”

In 2004, Chirisa’s exceptional performance in the film “Tanyaradzwa” earned him the prestigious Best Actor for Film and Television Award.

Seeking new opportunities, Tongayi Chirisa decided to relocate to South Africa in 2006, propelled by a scholarship that allowed him to further his studies in acting. During his time in South Africa, he worked on various film projects, including “Diamonds,” “Skin,” “Robinson,” and “Mrs. Mandela.”

Chirisa gained widespread recognition in 2008 when he starred as Hekule, The King of Kuvikiland, in Leon Schuster’s film “Mr. Bones 2: Back from The Past.”

In 2009, Chirisa took a bold step and ventured to Hollywood, where he currently resides. His talent caught the attention of international audiences, leading to notable appearances in popular productions such as “NCIS: Los Angeles” and the NBC International television series “Crusoe.”

In 2015, Chirisa added another accomplishment to his repertoire by landing a role in the American comedy series “The Jim Gaffigan Show,” which premiered on Comedy Central. Most recently, in 2023, Chirisa showcased his versatility once again by starring in the highly anticipated film “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,” lending his voice to the character Cheetor.



    • 2005: Tanyaradzwa
    • 2008: Ace of Hearts as Tebsane Masa
    • 2008: Zimbabwe as Charles
    • 2008: Skin as Township Priest
    • 2008: Mr. Bones 2: Back from the Past as Hekule
    • 2009: Gargoyle as Themba
    • 2011: Geezas as Sammy the Mouth
    • 2013: Stand By as Dee
    • 2014: Whipping Boy as Olly ‘Napalm’ Harris
    • 2016: Happiness Is a Four-letter Word as Thomas
    • 2017: The Zim as William Zimunya
    • 2020: Palm Springs as Jerry
    • 2020: Antebellum as Eli Stokes/Professor
    • 2022: Next Exit as Father Jack
    • 2023: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts as Cheetor (voice)

TV Shows

2003–2005: Studio 263 as Detective Trevor Davies2008–2009: Crusoe as Friday


2009: Diamonds as Oba Sewele

2010: Mrs Mandela as Arguing husband

2010: Barack Obama’s Cousin as Barack Obama’s Cousin

2011: NCIS: Los Angeles as Interrogator

2012: American Horror Story: Asylum as Miles

2012: H+: The Digital Series as African Soldier

2013: Sleepy Hollow as Arthur Bernard

2013: Gaffigan as Father Nicholas Ngungumbane

2015: Whitney as Gary Houston

2015–2016: The Jim Gaffigan Show as Father Nicholas

2016: Mars Project as Neil Cormack

2017–2019:  iZombie as Justin Bell

2018: Hawaii Five-0 as Don

2018: The Guest Book as Kwame

2020: The Good Doctor as Kerryś Husband

2021: Another Life Richard Ncube Recurring role

2022: Women of the Movement Medgar Evers

2023: Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches
(8 episodes) as Ciprien Grieve


  • National Merit Awards: The best actor at the Film and Television Awards (2004)
  • Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards: Nominee Actor in a Drama category (2017)

Music Career

Tongayi Chirisa, known for his accomplished acting career, also shines as a talented singer.

On September 22, 2017, Tongayi Chirisa unveiled the music video for his song “Usacheme,” which translates to “don’t cry” in English. Renowned Zimbabwean director Joe Njagu directed the captivating music video, adding his unique touch to the visual storytelling. Additionally, the talented Tamy contributed her beautiful vocals to the song, creating a memorable collaboration.

Love Life/Marital Status

Tongayi Chirisa’s relationship/marital status remains unknown, as he maintains a private personal life and does not publicly disclose details about his love life.

There have been rumors of a possible romantic involvement with pop artist and actress Ericka Guitron, but neither Tongayi nor Ericka have confirmed these speculations in the media.

In 2018, Tongayi posted a picture of them together on his Instagram account, captioned as ‘Spending time with bae before she’s gone till November.’ However, it is unclear if they are still together or if they were ever in a romantic relationship.


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