ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Tilder Moyo Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career, Controversies

Tilder Moyo Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career, Controversies

Tilder Moyo Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career, Controversies post thumbnail image

Here is Tilder Moyo biography. Get to know this celebrated figure in Zimbabwe’s radio landscape, boasting nearly three decades of experience in the broadcasting industry.

Career Highlights

With her fearless and versatile approach to hosting, Tilder Moyo-Karizamimba tackles a wide range of topics, from social issues to the bizarre and taboo subjects.

Age & Date of Birth

Tilder Moyo-Karizamimba was born in the year 1966.


Her educational journey began at Induba Primary School in Pelandaba, followed by secondary education at Founders High School.

Driven by her dream of becoming a journalist, she pursued her passion by attending journalism school before joining the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) in 1986.


At just 20 years old, Tilder embarked on her career journey at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). She started as a radio presenter at Radio Zimbabwe, then known as Radio 2.

Over the years, she expanded her roles within ZBC, even working in the archives and receiving technical operator training.

Notably, Tilder also hosted musical programs on Ztv, showcasing her versatility as a broadcaster. After an illustrious 27-year tenure with ZBC, she transitioned to StarFM.


Throughout her career, Tilder Moyo-Karizamimba fearlessly tackled controversial and sensitive subjects on her radio programs.

Her program, “Zvinoitika Muhupenyu,” on Radio 2, gained recognition for delving into taboo topics such as satanism, child prostitution, rape, and witchcraft.

Her motivation to address these issues stemmed from her personal beliefs and upbringing, challenging prevailing societal notions.

Despite making an impact with her programs, Tilder faced trials and tribulations, including threats from individuals unhappy with her approach.

Her unwavering faith and belief in God’s protection sustained her through these challenges.

Tilder Moyo Career

Upon her move to StarFM, Tilder hosted “The Tilder Show” in the 9-12 AM slot, introducing a segment focusing on marriage and bedroom issues.

This program encouraged open discussions on taboo subjects, connecting her with a wide audience and enhancing her popularity.

Beyond broadcasting, Tilder Moyo-Karizamimba is actively involved in her family business and frequently speaks at various events, sharing her insights as a guest speaker and marriage counselor.



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