ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Tich Mataz Biography | Profile, Background, Fraud Allegations, Smuggling Case, Becoming A Prophet

Tich Mataz Biography | Profile, Background, Fraud Allegations, Smuggling Case, Becoming A Prophet

Tich Mataz Biography | Profile, Background, Fraud Allegations, Smuggling Case, Becoming A Prophet post thumbnail image

Tichafa Augustine Matambanadzo, popularly known as Tich Mataz, is a Zimbabwean disc jockey, television personality, and businessman. He gained fame through his radio career and also established himself as a prominent Master of Ceremony (MC) for various events. Mataz currently works for ZiFM Stereo, a popular radio station in Zimbabwe.

Broadcasting Career

Tich Mataz was born in 1969 in Zimbabwe.

Mataz began his broadcasting career in 1988 when he joined Power FM, which was then known as Radio 3. He later relocated to South Africa and became a part of 5FM in 1994. However, he faced deportation and returned to Zimbabwe. During the 1990s, Mataz hosted the renowned Coca-Cola On The Beat Music show, which aired on Zimbabwe Television (ZTV).

In 2009, Tich Mataz faced suspension from Power FM, but he made a comeback in 2011. In April 2014, there were reports suggesting that he had joined X-Stream Visual Radio (XVR), a South African radio station newly launched in 2014. However, his career faced setbacks due to various fraud allegations. Despite his suspension in 2013, he was rehired by Star FM, another popular Zimbabwean radio station, in November 2014.

Fraud Allegations

Tich Mataz faced serious fraud allegations throughout his career. In March 2009, he was arrested for allegedly swindling the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) during his involvement in the Basic Commodities Supply Side Intervention (BACCOSI) program. He was accused of failing to supply the contracted hampers and tractors for the central bank’s agricultural program.

Similarly, in December 2013, Mataz was suspended from Star FM after being accused of misappropriating over US$125,000 from the radio station. An internal audit revealed that the funds meant for the station were diverted to bank accounts belonging to companies associated with Mataz. He was released on bail but was finally rehired by Star FM in November 2014, with hopes of revitalizing the struggling radio station.

In February 2014, Tich Mataz appeared in court facing allegations of swindling US$5,000 from a Harare businessman. It was reported that Mataz and three others approached the businessman, requesting sponsorship for a government-related business trip to Switzerland. However, they failed to fulfill their payment promise, leading to the businessman reporting the matter to the authorities.

Smuggling Case

In February 2017, Tich Mataz faced smuggling charges after allegedly failing to declare several clothing items he had brought from China. According to court reports, he attempted to evade paying import duty for the items. Mataz was convicted in March 2017 and was ordered to pay a fine of $300 or face two months in prison. He was also required to pay $538.75 in import duty.

Becoming Prophet

In May 2017, Tich Mataz gained attention for his purported encounter with the divine. He claimed to have spoken to God via a phone conversation facilitated by Pastor Paul Sanyangore. Mataz expressed astonishment and belief in the power of God, stating that such experiences were evidence of the existence of a higher power. While some speculated about his prophetic abilities, Mataz continued his involvement in religious discussions and activities.

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