ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Thomas Chizhanje: The Rise of a Zimbabwean Social Media Sensation

Thomas Chizhanje: The Rise of a Zimbabwean Social Media Sensation

Thomas Chizhanje: The Rise of a Zimbabwean Social Media Sensation post thumbnail image

Thomas Chizhanje: The Rise of a Zimbabwean Social Media Sensation

Thomas Chizhanje, also known as CST or Samoht, is one of Zimbabwe’s most popular and influential entertainers. He rose to fame through his hilarious and insightful social media content, and has since branched out into acting and other ventures. However, his personal life has also been marred by scandals and controversies. Here is a brief biography of Thomas Chizhanje, from his early life to his current status.

A Passion for Comedy and Performance

Thomas Chizhanje was born in 1984 in Harare, Zimbabwe. He showed a talent for comedy and performance from a young age, and pursued his passion throughout his education. He attended primary and high school in Harare, before enrolling at the Midlands State University. There, he studied for a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management specialising in Marketing.

A Social Media Star is Born

Chizhanje’s career breakthrough came when he started sharing his comedic skits and humorous content on social media, especially on Facebook. He quickly gained a loyal following of Zimbabweans who loved his natural charisma, quick wit, and engaging personality. He also used his platform to educate and entertain his audience on social issues such as mental health and domestic violence. He became a household name in Zimbabwe, and earned the nickname CST (Chizhanje Samoht Thomas), with Samoht being the reverse of his first name.

Venturing into Acting and Other Projects

Chizhanje’s popularity on social media opened up opportunities for him to venture into other fields of entertainment. He landed acting roles in several Zimbabwean films and television shows, such as The Gentleman, Special Class, and Wadiwa Wepamoyo. He also collaborated with other Zimbabwean celebrities, such as Jah Prayzah, Madam Boss, and Mai Titi. He also launched his own clothing line, called CST Wear, which features his signature slogans and designs.

A Turbulent Personal Life

Lorraine Guyo and Thomas Chizhanje-Image Source@Facebook

Lorraine Guyo and Thomas Chizhanje-Image Source@Facebook

Chizhanje’s personal life has been the subject of much speculation and controversy. He was previously married to Shingai Bianca Muchenje, with whom he had a son named Thomas Jnr Seal. However, their marriage ended in divorce after Shingai allegedly cheated on him with a workmate at Steward bank.

He later dated Lorraine Guyo, another Zimbabwean social media personality who was also his manager. Their relationship attracted significant attention on social media, but it also ended in a messy breakup. Chizhanje was accused of taking over their shared Facebook page, which caused a media frenzy in Zimbabwe. In late 2020, Guyo claimed that Chizhanje had infected her with a sexually transmitted infection, which he denied. The situation remains unresolved.

A Zimbabwean Icon

Despite the scandals surrounding his personal life, Thomas Chizhanje has established himself as one of Zimbabwe’s most beloved and respected entertainers. His infectious humor and engaging personality have won him millions of fans both in Zimbabwe and around the world. He continues to use his platform to raise awareness about social issues and inspire young people to follow their dreams.

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