No two definitions of love are similar. Love is to a thousand hearts a thousand different things. People tend to define experiences and call them love.

But what is Love?

what mankind calls Love today is a volatile mixture of

– 1% fondness
– 9% desire and
– 90% imagination.


If there is love then it must be natural right? If love therefore operates as a natural law it must apply universally isn’t? And if Love is such a universally binding law of nature it must know no social distinctions, superficial differences or artificial laws right?

Now I ask? Does your so called love know no artificial barriers in practice? Does your so called love not fall between men and women of the same social status or even a higher one?

Doctors marry doctors, lawyers marry lawyers, Princes only fall for Princesses. A prince never marries a peasant till she has made up in beauty for what she lacks in royalty.

You may say “personal contact initiates love”. True but while personal contact initiates love, social status initiates personal contact. That takes us back to square one!!!

It would be preposterous for a business woman to fall for a garden boy would it not? What about paternal love?

Men have been thrown into jail and sued by the women who fed them with the so-called love. But a mother would never exchange her son with a prince no matter how great or handsome. Is that not love then?? So if love can exist in one form why can’t it exist in another?

The love between a parent and an offspring is not love. Its only the law of self preservation. Why??

A mother sees in her daughter a reflection of herself, while a father sees in his son a separated continuation of himself.

When a mother says she can die for her daughter in peril she actually means she is prepared to destroy the older to preserve the younger part of herself to ensure the continuity of her existence.

It is like cutting the dead tissues of your finger nails to improve or prolong the existence or the health of your body.

So you see there is no such thing as love really. Even parental love itself is an indirect application of the law of self preservation.

This explains why love can not exist between perfect strangers, only desire. Water does not flow through unconnected bamboo tubes. Love as poets see it s only a desire in a garb of literary verbiage.

Only young people and dreamers take poets seriously!!!



By Simba

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