ZimbabweHuchi Business Terry Maphosa Biography: Early Life, Education, Agriculture Career, KwaTerry Restaurant, and Impact

Terry Maphosa Biography: Early Life, Education, Agriculture Career, KwaTerry Restaurant, and Impact

Terry Maphosa Biography: Early Life, Education, Agriculture Career, KwaTerry Restaurant, and Impact post thumbnail image

This is the biography of Terry Maphosa, a notable young entrepreneur and farmer from Zimbabwe. He is the founder of KwaTerry Chickens and has made significant strides in rural development and sustainable agriculture.

Early Life and Education

Terrence Maphosa, affectionately known as Terry, grew up in the rural regions of Mhondoro, Zimbabwe. His childhood experiences in the countryside cultivated a profound appreciation for rural life. Terry pursued higher education at the University of Zimbabwe, where he earned a degree in Political Science. Despite his academic achievements, the challenges he faced in securing employment after graduation led him to reconnect with his rural heritage.

Transition to Agriculture

Faced with the harsh realities of unemployment, Terry returned to his roots and embarked on a journey in agriculture. He initiated a poultry farming venture, focusing on the resilient “roadrunner” chickens, renowned for their robust nature and superior meat quality. Thus, KwaTerry Chickens was born, situated in his home village of Mhondoro-Ngezi, approximately 170km from Harare. The farm’s offerings expanded to include roadrunner eggs and organic green leafy vegetables.

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Embracing Social Media and Innovation

Understanding the immense potential of social media, Terry harnessed these platforms to market his products and expand his customer reach. His creative and modern approach to agripreneurship has positioned him among a new wave of Zimbabwean entrepreneurs revitalizing the agriculture sector. Terry’s social media presence, where he shares snapshots of rural life, from fishing to farming activities, has garnered him a significant following and appreciation.

KwaTerry: A Rural Tourism Hub

In 2022, Terry’s aspirations led to the opening of KwaTerry Restaurant, a venue celebrating African cuisine and fostering community spirit. This establishment is a crucial element of his vision to integrate agriculture with tourism. Future plans for KwaTerry include developing lodges and swimming facilities to create a comprehensive rural retreat. Its strategic location near Harare, combined with ample amenities, makes it a prime candidate for a rural tourism hotspot. KwaTerry has already attracted notable visitors such as Feli Nandi, Maskiri, Marvelous Nakamba, and football clubs like Caps United and Dynamos.

Impact and Vision

Terry’s influence extends beyond agriculture. Through his “All Kids to School” campaign, he provides educational support to underprivileged children in his community, covering their tuition fees and school supplies. His dedication to sustainable agriculture and rural advancement has earned him recognition, including an invitation to speak at the UN World Food Programme. Terry advocates for grassroots solutions, emphasizing community empowerment and self-sufficiency over traditional aid methods. His journey inspires many young individuals, highlighting the potential and rewards of a career in agriculture.



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