ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Takura ‘Shona Prince’ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Awards, Love Life, Children

Takura ‘Shona Prince’ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Awards, Love Life, Children

Takura ‘Shona Prince’ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Awards, Love Life, Children post thumbnail image

Takura, also known as ‘Shona Prince,’ is an accomplished Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist who was born in Masvingo. His childhood was characterized by frequent relocations between cities and towns in search of better opportunities. Most of his early life was spent in Masvingo and Bulawayo.


He was born on 30 October 1988, making him 35 years old as of 2023.

Music Career

Takura’s passion for music ignited at a young age, drawing him towards captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics that resonated with his soul. Despite initial doubts about his abilities, he began to recognize his talent during his time at Mutendi High School in Masvingo. The positive response from his peers fueled his self-belief, leading him to pursue music seriously.

In 2013, while residing in Gweru, he formed the group Soul Afrika with his best friend Donald Mapholisa. Together, they released hit songs like “Zvinhu,” “Gule Kwete,” “Newe,” and “Pauri,” culminating in their celebrated album “Ndimi Dzerudo.”

Takura biography

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After Mapholisa’s departure, Takura relocated to Harare and transitioned to a solo career as a hip-hop artist. His solo tracks, including “Zino Irema” and “MaObama,” quickly gained popularity. He released the EP “Stripped” in 2016, establishing himself as a renowned solo artist in Zimbabwe.

His talent extended beyond borders, earning him recognition as one of the Top 10 African rappers by a South African Hip Hop Magazine in 2016. He later released his debut album “SHTDi (Someone Had To Do It)” in 2018.

Takura acknowledges the influence of ROKI, Aleck Macheso, Winky D, and Wizkid on his music and work ethic.


Takura has received several accolades for his exceptional artistry. In September 2016, he won two prestigious awards at the Midlands Music Awards for his chart-topping hit “Zino Irema,” earning him titles such as “Best Single” and “Best Video.” He has also been consistently honored at the Zim Hip Hop Awards for his contributions to the genre.

Love Life

Takura maintains a level of privacy when it comes to his love life. However, he occasionally shares glimpses into his personal relationships. In 2020, he revealed his romantic involvement with Charmaine Chasweka, also known as Cha Char, a talented TV presenter, writer, voice-over artist, and brand ambassador.


Takura is a proud father of one, with a beautiful daughter named April from a previous relationship. Parenthood holds great significance in his life, and he often shares heartwarming moments and messages about his daughter on social media, delighting his fans with their special bond.

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