ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Sulumani Chimbetu Biography|Age, Education, Personal Life, Career

Sulumani Chimbetu Biography|Age, Education, Personal Life, Career

Sulumani Chimbetu Biography|Age, Education, Personal Life, Career post thumbnail image

Sulumani Chimbetu, the distinguished Zimbabwean artist, has left an indelible mark in the world of Dendera music. Renowned for his multifaceted talents as a vocalist, guitarist, composer, stage performer, and astute businessman, his journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Early Years and Education

Born on May 27, 1982, in Chegutu, Sulumani Chimbetu’s early life laid the foundation for his later success. His educational journey took him through institutions such as Nyahuni Mission School and Ellis Robbins School. Later, he honed his skills at the Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA) from 1999 to 2001. Notably, from 2003 to 2006, he served in the Airforce of Zimbabwe, demonstrating his commitment to both education and duty.

The Musical Sojourn

Chimbetu’s musical ascent commenced in 2004 when he joined The Orchestra Dendera Kings, a move that catapulted him to national acclaim. Working alongside his father, the legendary Simon Chimbetu, and guided by his uncle, Allan Chimbetu, marked a pivotal phase in his career.

Despite the demands of a full-time military career, Sulumani juggled his musical pursuits seamlessly. However, the untimely demise of his father in 2005 prompted him to leave the Airforce of Zimbabwe and dedicate himself entirely to his burgeoning music career.

Sulumani Chimbetu biography

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In 2007, he embarked on a solo journey, releasing his debut album, “Ndomusiya Nani.” Subsequent albums, including “Reverse Deal” (2009) and “Non Stop” (2010), not only showcased his individual brilliance but also fostered collaborations with notable artists such as Oliver Mtukudzi, Shinsoman, and Jah Prayzah.

The zenith of his musical prowess was marked by the release of his fourth album, “Syllabus,” featuring the chart-topping hit “Sean Timba,” a collaboration with the talented Jah Prayzah.

Stepping into the World of Acting

In August 2012, Sulumani diversified his artistic portfolio by making his acting debut in Season 2 of the popular local comedy series, “Bag Rabvaruka.” Collaborating with Sungura artist Peter Moyo, he brought his vibrant personality to the screen, portraying a town boy navigating the intricacies of romance amid numerous suitors.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Beyond his musical and acting exploits, Sulumani showcased his entrepreneurial acumen by establishing “Batai Munhu Sports Bar” on December 25, 2013, in Chegutu. Transforming the venue from its previous identity as “Chegutu Arms,” he successfully renovated and rebranded the space, leaving an imprint in the business world.

Sulumani Chimbetu’s journey is a testament to his versatility, resilience, and passion for the arts. From the harmonies of Dendera music to the stages of international tours, he continues to captivate audiences with his unique talents.



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