ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Stacey Tendai Macheso: An Afro-Pop Sensation | Biography & Music Career

Stacey Tendai Macheso: An Afro-Pop Sensation | Biography & Music Career

Stacey Tendai Macheso: An Afro-Pop Sensation | Biography & Music Career post thumbnail image

Stacey Tendai Macheso, the daughter of the renowned Zimbabwean Sungura artist Alick Macheso and his wife Nyadzisai Butau, is making waves in the music industry. Follow her journey into Afro-pop music as she builds her unique path while honouring her father’s legacy.

Early Life and Family

Stacey comes from a talented family, with brothers Tatenda and Esau and a sister named Sharon. Her upbringing in a musical household laid the foundation for her own artistic endeavours.

Music Career

Stacey’s musical journey began as a singer and songwriter. Drawing inspiration from various genres, she found her calling in Afro-pop. Her goal is to create music that resonates deeply with her audience, touching their hearts and souls.

Her debut single, “Ingozi,” marked the beginning of her rising career. Released to positive feedback, it showcased her talent and potential. The single was recorded at Illicit Records and co-produced by DJ Marcos and Leekay.

In June 2021, Stacey Macheso released her second single, “Amai,” further cementing her position in the music industry.

Inspirations and Influences

Being the daughter of Alick Macheso, one of Zimbabwe’s most renowned Sungura musicians, Stacey has been profoundly influenced by her father’s work ethic and success. She admires his dedication to his craft and strives to emulate his achievements while infusing her unique style into her music.

Personal Life

Stacey Macheso is happily married to the artist Tanto Wavie.

Abuse Allegations

In 2023, Afro-pop musician Tanto Wavie vehemently denied allegations of abusing his wife, Stacey, after a series of social media posts sparked speculation among fans and followers. He expressed:

“Not everything you see on social media is true or relatable to us; these allegations are completely false and baseless. My wife is an incredibly talented artist in her own right and has been my biggest supporter from day one. I am so proud of everything she has accomplished and will always stand by her side no matter what.”

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