ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Solo Chidhakwa Naiza Boom Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age & Date of Birth, Controversies

Solo Chidhakwa Naiza Boom Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age & Date of Birth, Controversies

Solo Chidhakwa Naiza Boom  Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age & Date of Birth, Controversies post thumbnail image
Solo Chidhakwa Naiza Boom, also known as Tatenda Mutasa, is a versatile Zimbabwean entertainer acclaimed for his roles in the entertainment industry as an actor, comedian, and Zimdancehall musician. His charismatic and humorous performances have gained widespread recognition, especially through his active engagement on various social media platforms. This biography aims to delve into Solo Chidhakwa Naiza Boom’s career, accolades, and personal life.

Real Name

Solo Chidhakwa Naiza Boom’s real identity is Tatenda Mutasa, and he resides in Makoni, Chitungwiza.

Age & Date of Birth

Details about Solo Naiza Boom’s birthdate are not publicly disclosed as of the latest available information.


Currently, there is no public information available about Solo Naiza Boom’s educational background.


Solo Chidhakwa Naiza Boom

Solo Chidhakwa-Image Source@zimprofiles

Solo Naiza Boom is based in Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe, and is an integral part of the renowned film production company, Naiza Boom Films. He has cultivated a significant online presence through Naiza Boom Films’ YouTube channel, boasting over 549,000 subscribers. On this platform, Naiza Boom regularly shares his comedic sketches and diverse content, solidifying his influence in the digital realm.

Controversial Incidents

ZiFM Stereo Interview

In September 2022, a video surfaced online featuring Solo Naiza Boom in an interview with a female radio presenter at ZiFM Stereo. The video depicted Solo in a visibly intoxicated state, sparking speculation and debate about its authenticity. Despite attempts to navigate the interview, it ended with Solo abruptly rising and seemingly attempting to confront the presenter for ending the conversation prematurely. Reactions to the incident varied, with some dismissing it as a skit due to the unlikelihood of a radio station neglecting to assess an interviewee’s suitability beforehand.

Group Dynamics and Departures

In October 2023, reports highlighted upheaval within Naiza Boom Films, directed by Michael “Naiza Boom” Machiwona. Four original members departed, citing reasons such as low salaries and alleged unprofessional behavior by Machiwona. This led to the formation of their own ensemble. Solo, along with others, chose to remain with Naiza Boom despite the departures. Disputes arose among departing members, accusing Machiwona of financial and managerial shortcomings. In response, Machiwona affirmed the stability and resilience of the group, asserting its continuity despite the departures.


  • Budget Yeizvozvo (2023)
  • KaBody (2023)
  • Mberi (2023)
  • Zvoda MaNotes (2023)
  • Chimambaira (2023)
  • Besty (2023)
  • CockTai Party (2023)

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