Tsvangirai in hospitalThe Presidential Guard officer who last month went into hiding in fear of his life after refusing to obey orders to carry out an assassination attempt on MDC-T leader, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has been captured, the Zimbabwean reported.

Captain Ibrahim Chasakara (32) who did his advanced military intelligence in Russia and Lebanon made headlines after sensationally admitting that he was responsible for the car accident that claimed the life of Susan Tsvangirai near Beatrice four years ago, and begged forgiveness from the PM, his family and all Zimbabweans.

Chasakara had been in hiding for weeks, since telling his seniors that he was not interested in doing any more harm to Tsvangirai or his family ever again. According to impeccable sources at the State House, Chasakara was captured two weeks ago while en route to Malawi.

“He was travelling to Malawi in a private car that was stopped by the police and CIO officers just 10km before the Nyamapanda border,” said a source on condition of anonymity.

“After the vehicle had been stopped they asked everyone to produce their identity cards before the police could start searching them and the car. That is when trouble started for Chasakara who failed to produce any piece of information to support the name he had told the police (Evans Magara). The police contacted Robert Madzingeni, a tracker with the CIO, who had the personal documentation file of Chasakara edited as Ibrahim Chasakara aka Evans Magara. He was taken immediately to State House where he has been kept since then,” said the source.

Another source within Military Intelligence said Chasakara was being charged with disobedience to lawful command as he had gone against the direct command given to him by his Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel George Chitsva.

He has also been accused of breaking the Official Secrets Act and aiding the enemy of the state, Baba Jukwa. The source said Chasakara’s health was deteriorating as he was being continuously tortured by military intelligence at the State House cells. He is also suffering from yellow fever and has not yet seen his brothers, wife and two kids who are still under unlawful detention at the State House barracks underground cells under the command of Lieutenant-Col Chitsva, who is believed to be following orders from General Constantine Chiwenga.

Major Kembo is said to be heading investigations trying to unmask Baba Jukwa. Sources have described Kembo as “the master-mind torturer” and said he takes Chasakara to Atlas House 4th floor holding cells, on the corner of Robert Mugabe and Angwa Street 4th floor, where all sorts of torturing occurs in an effort to discover the identity of Baba Jukwa.

Before being captured, Chasakara had appealed to the government to help rescue his friend Private William Makurumidze, who was being tortured to reveal his whereabouts and is also still languishing in State House cells according to military insiders.

Efforts to get comments from the army Director of Public Relations, Lieutenant-Colonel Alphios Makotore were fruitless as his phone rang unanswered.

Contacted for comment, Baba Jukwa confirmed Chasakara’s capture and rubbished intelligence officials for torturing innocent citizens.

“It’s sad that Chasakara was captured for not committing any crime. I thought the President was going to intervene on this issue because innocent people (Chasakara’s family and friends) are still being illegally held in those cells. Innocent civilians are suffering just because of foolish so-called intelligence officials chasing after Baba Jukwa instead of serving the nation,” he said



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