A SOLDIER stationed at 5th Brigade will spend the next two years behind bars for brutally assaulting a police officer, accusing him of snatching his lover. Dennis Munjari (23), a private stationed at 5th Brigade in Kwekwe, was convicted on his own plea of guilty when he appeared before Chipinge
magistrate Mr Clement Ngweshiwa.
He was accused of contravening Section 89(1) of the Criminal Law Codification Reform Act, Chapter
9; 13.

The State, led by Mr Regis Mawarire, said: “On January 2, at around 9pm at Matembudze Business Centre, Munjari followed the complainant, Brian Mlambo, who is a ZRP member based at Middle Sabi, from Matembudze Bar to Billar. “Upon arriving at Billar Bar, the accused dragged the complainant outside Billar Bar. When they were
outside, the accused assaulted the complainant several times and also kicked him once on the thigh.

“The accused was then stopped by his friend fromassaulting the complainant and they went back to Matembudze Bar. Mlambo followed Munjari to Matembudze Bar trying to ask him why he had assaulted him. “On arrival, Mlambo was kicked all over the body
by Munjari and he fell down. Mlambo sustained a fracture on the left hand and the injury was very
serious,” he said.

A medical exam was produced in court which showed that Mlambo sustained serious injuries. Asked why he had assaulted the complainant, Munjari defended himself arguing that
Mlambo was trying to snatch his girlfriend, Savious Sigauke.
He also pleaded with the court for a lighter sentence so that he can safeguard his job. “Your Worship, I assaulted the complainant because
he was trying to snatch my girlfriend. Mlambo failed to respect me by proposing to my girlfriend in my face and this angered me. I am also appealing for leniency so that I can return to work this month,” he said

In passing sentence, Mr Ngweshiwa said what Munjari did was unacceptable. He said as a member of the uniformed forces, he was supposed
to be a role model of peace.
“Members of the uniformed forces should be exemplary in discharging their duties because society looks upon them to be peace brokers. What
you (Munjari) did shows that if you had a gun during the incident you would have gunned down the complainant. Your actions were so irresponsible and
rebel soldiers deserve punitive punishment,” he said.

Munjari was sentenced to three years imprisonment and 12 months was set aside on condition of good
behaviour for the next five years.



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