Business temporarily came to a halt on Thursday morning in Harare’s city centre at the corner of Nelson Mandela Avenue and First Street when a snake emerged from under a parked vehicle. Speculation was rife at the area, with people accusing the car owner of kupfuya nyoka (snake-rearing). The sudden appearance of the snake left vendors at the scene scurrying for cover, drawing the attention of many people.

Sensing danger and avoiding to receive angry mob’s ‘baptism of fire’, the motorist sped away, leaving vendors and passers-by to deal with ‘his’ snake. The vendors could not even even pick their wares at the scene, leaving their pirated CDs, shoes and belts ‘looking after themselves’.

Traffic was disturbed at the area when the snake took a direction towards people, leaving pedestrians with no option but to run into the ever-busy Nelson Mandela Avenue, in a bid to save their dear lives.

“The snake just appeared from under a silver vehicle that was parked here.
We had to run away. The owner of the car just came and drove off after hearing the news,” said a vendor. Vendors however, eventually managed to kill snake which was believed to be a one-metre cobra snake.



By Simba

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