ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Slimie Baba Junior Biography & Profile| Real Name, Age, Real Life Wife, Magtom Media

Slimie Baba Junior Biography & Profile| Real Name, Age, Real Life Wife, Magtom Media

Slimie Baba Junior Biography & Profile| Real Name, Age, Real Life Wife, Magtom Media post thumbnail image
Slimie Baba Junior, known as Slimy in the entertainment industry, is a versatile Zimbabwean film director, scriptwriter, and actor. His real name is Thompson Muzondiwa, and he channels his creativity through various artistic pursuits.

Early Life and Education

Born on an undisclosed date, Slimie attended Ascot Secondary School and pursued accounting at Gweru Polytechnic. Besides his involvement in acting, he also works for the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

Personal Life and Family

Contrary to public perception, Slimie Baba Junior is happily married, but not to his onscreen spouse Mai Junior (Mai Juju). He clarified that his real-life wife plays the role of Tete vaCharmaine in “Complicated Affairs.” The actor is a proud father of three, with his eldest daughter taking on the role of “Thandie” in the same series.

Formation of Magtom Media

Slimie’s journey in entertainment took a turn with the establishment of Magtom Media, a production company focusing on films, television shows, and commercials. The company stands as a testament to his visionary approach and creative aspirations.

Transition to Visual Storytelling

Slimie Baba Junior biography

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Before Magtom Media, Slimie Baba Junior delved into writing novels and scripts. However, a setback occurred when his mobile phone, containing his work, was stolen. Undeterred, he shifted to visual storytelling through videos, marking the inception of a broader creative journey.

Inception, Growth & Evolution of Magtom Media

Driven by a desire to translate imaginative concepts into visual narratives, Magtom Media grew from an individual’s creative endeavour into a collaborative effort. Productions like the real-life drama series “Complicated Affairs” gained attention, contributing to the company’s recognition locally and beyond.

Local Impact & Recognition

Magtom Media’s rise showcased not only Slimie Baba Junior’s creative prowess but also the talent within the local entertainment landscape. The company’s dedication to quality content contributed to recognition in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Vision & Future Endeavors

As Magtom Media continues to captivate audiences, Slimie Baba Junior remains committed to exploring new creative horizons. The company’s vision for impactful storytelling, blending comedy and drama while addressing societal themes, reflects its dedication to producing engaging content.


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