In Single dating here is my General information: – I’m a 41 years single mum, never been married. I like to travel meet with different cultures. I’m self-employed. I grew up in the village. I’m a village girl from South Africa rural areas. I love my life but I need a serious guy to meet and date.

And I’m 5’6 tall, with black hair, average body size, like to wear what makes me feel comfortable and confident. All in all I’m a black African beautiful woman. Who is content with life?

Any other information you might need to know

Besides everything single dating it’s not an easy task since you face some restrictions. For example I cannot mention how many cars I have or how many houses. But since you know I am bigger that you of course I have some. Secondly you cannot mention how you need me here other lady can snatch you from me.

You need to know that I am looking for a man that is strong enough to love me, a man who knows what he want… I want a man who is not older than my age. I’m looking for fun not marriage. This is because I know you can’t afford to get me. By so doing I will be the one who will be yours.



How to get me on single dating

Here is more of me, I like to enjoy life, enjoy fun, and enjoy everything happening around me, like travel, swimming, yoga, food, love life. Of course, if I have the chance, I would also like to learn surfing. About travel: I want to travel to any place. And To get me you should like this as well.

As singles our numbers are not easy to find. If you see a photo of young lady, follow that and fill in your details. After that they will send you an email and you will get contacts. It’s not that simple since we are special people

In conclusion I have a warm personality therefore I make friends easily, I have no past baggage from previous relationships. I wish to get a compatible partner to enjoy and share my life. Ethnic background and distance not a big



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