ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Simba Chikanza: The Zimbabwean journalist behind ZimEye and the Gold Mafia documentary

Simba Chikanza: The Zimbabwean journalist behind ZimEye and the Gold Mafia documentary

Simba Chikanza: The Zimbabwean journalist behind ZimEye and the Gold Mafia documentary post thumbnail image

Simba Chikanza: The Zimbabwean journalist behind ZimEye and the Gold Mafia documentary

Simba Chikanza is a Zimbabwean journalist and entrepreneur who lives in the United Kingdom. He is the founder and editor of ZimEye, a political tabloid website that covers Zimbabwean news and politics. He is also known for conducting live interviews with Zimbabwean political figures on social media and on his website. However, his work has been controversial, as he has faced several accusations of publishing fake news and damaging the reputations of individuals.

Who is Simba Chikanza and how old is he?

Simba Chikanza’s date of birth and age are not publicly available. He is a Zimbabwean citizen who resides in the United Kingdom. There is also no information about his educational background and qualifications.

What is ZimEye and how did it start?

ZimEye is a political tabloid website that was founded by Simba Chikanza in 2009. According to its website, ZimEye aims to “expose corruption, human rights abuses, political violence, and other injustices in Zimbabwe”. The website also claims to have over 10 million monthly readers and over 1.5 million followers on Facebook. ZimEye operates as a full-time online news platform, with Chikanza as the editor and chief reporter. He also conducts live interviews with Zimbabwean political leaders and activists on social media and on the website.

What is the Gold Mafia documentary and what role did Simba Chikanza play in it?

The Gold Mafia documentary is an investigative report by Al Jazeera that exposes the illegal gold trade in Zimbabwe and its links to powerful politicians, military officials, and foreign businessmen. The documentary was released in April 2023 and caused a stir in Zimbabwe and beyond. Simba Chikanza was one of the researchers of the documentary, along with Hopewell Chin’ono, a prominent Zimbabwean journalist who was arrested several times for exposing corruption in the country.

Simba Chikanza accused of publishing fake news

Simba Chikanza has been accused on several occasions of publishing fake news that tarnished the reputations of people unfairly. Some of the individuals who have accused him of publishing fake news about them include Alex Magaisa, a former adviser to the late Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai; Thokozani Khupe, the leader of the MDC-T party; Ruramai Mash, a former model; Olinda Chapel, a socialite; Faith Domingo, a businesswoman; Edith Chibhamu, a philanthropist; Kuda Musasiwa, a businessman and social media personality; and Nobuhle Ncube, a nurse.

Simba Chikanza-Image Source@Facebook

Simba Chikanza-Image Source@Facebook

Controversy surrounding the death of Patson Dzamara?

Patson Dzamara was a political activist and brother of Itai Dzamara, a journalist who went missing in 2015 after protesting against former President Robert Mugabe. Patson Dzamara died in August 2020 from colon cancer. Before his death, a fundraising campaign was launched by Pachedu, an online movement, to raise money for his treatment. The campaign aimed to raise $28,000 but only managed to raise $14,000. Patson Dzamara died before getting treatment.

Simba Chikanza was accused of contributing to Patson Dzamara’s death by publishing an article that claimed that he had already found money for treatment from an organization called Cancer Support Networks. This article allegedly discouraged people from donating to the fundraising campaign. Kuda Musasiwa accused Chikanza of contributing to Dzamara’s death by publishing the fake article, while Chikanza defended himself by stating that Cancer Support Networks was not herbalists but a legitimate organization that offered immediate treatment. Wellence Mujuru, a social media influencer, also commented on the matter, expressing concern about the impact of Chikanza’s online news platform on people’s lives.

Simba Chikanza’s personal life

There is no information available about Simba Chikanza’s personal life.

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