It is certainly not an easy decision to choose a partner in marriage. A lot of people have made the mistake of choosing wrongly and this usually end up costing them a lot.

As they say, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. So before you walk down the aisle with the woman you are dating, do consider the simple signs below that she would make a good wife for you.

1.Honesty: You absolutely should not consider settling down with someone you suspect or believe to be dishonest. Your wife-to-be should be trustworthy and you should be able to vouch for her every action. No relationship can survive without trust.

2.Respectful: Respect for another human being is a key character strength in anybody. Respect for the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with is even more crucial. She should show respect to you, even when she disagrees with you. There are ways a woman can respectfully share her views that would make her man want to listen. She should not look down on you or resort to insults anytime disagreement comes up. You should always be able to count on her respect.

3.Supportive: Any man who hopes to reach his potential while being married should make sure he marries a woman who is supportive. He should be with someone who understands his dreams and goals. He should make sure to be with a partner who is his Number 1 Fan and who would always take his side.

4.Secure: A woman secure in herself is one who will make a good wife. An insecure woman would find it difficult to be secure in her marriage. She would end up listening to friends and seeking their opinion on everything because she is always unsure of her man and of her marriage. It is okay for her to ask for advice, but when she is not secure enough in herself to make the right decisions for her family without bringing in outsiders, then you would definitely have problems.

5.Maturity: You know how they say maturity is not always about age? Well, do not assume that because you are getting married to an older woman automatically means she is mature enough to be married. Being in a marriage takes a certain type of maturity that not every woman out there has. She should be able to know how to act like an adult, know how to solve problems without throwing tantrums, and know how to express her displeasure in something without acting like a petulant child.

6.Beautiful (inside and out): It does not matter if your woman is not the most beautiful girl in the whole world. All that matters is that you think she is beautiful to you. You need to feel some form of physical attraction to the woman you intend to marry, otherwise, you would not be content with her. You should also look for her inner beauty. Her strength, character and other attributes you find attractive are what will remain long after the physical beauty is no more.

7.Realistic: Most women, as young girls, often dream of the perfect man, who would provide the perfect mansion, with perfect children and a lifetime of fairytale perfection. But we all know life does not work that way. Nothing and no one is perfect. Those are just dreams. Make sure the woman you want to get married to understands this and recognizes that imperfections are just part of life. And just because everything is not rosy and beautiful, does not mean it is not a good thing.

8.Nurturing: Everyone likes to feel taken care of. The woman you choose to spend the rest of your life with should be nurturing and enjoy taking care of you. She should make you feel cherished. She should know the things that make you feel good and attempt to do them from time to time.

9.Humble: Being married involves understanding that what you do and how you act has a direct effect on your partner. You should not be too proud or feel too big to do certain things, regardless of whether or not you did them when you were single. If you have any reservation about some things, then you should be able to express your views without making the other person feel like they do not matter.

10.Loves You: This should be the first thing to look out for when choosing a partner, but we kept it for last because, no matter how much the woman you have fulfills the above requirements, the marriage would not last long if she does not love you. This just means she is only going through the motions. Being with someone you love and someone who loves you is certainly an important aspect that should be considered (if not the most important). A woman who loves you will always make you feel good on a bad day, always make you feel like a real man, and will always stay with you no matter what





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