ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Shingisai Suluma Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career

Shingisai Suluma Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career

Shingisai Suluma Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career post thumbnail image

Shingisai Suluma Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career 

Age and Background

Shingisai Suluma, a distinguished Zimbabwean Christian singer, songwriter, and worship leader, was born on February 28, 1971, in Gweru, Zimbabwe. As of 2023, she is 56 years old.

Early Life and Education

Raised within a melodious family, Shingisai Suluma’s parents were active participants in their church choir, instilling the love for music in her from a young age.

Though initially lacking personal motivation, Shingisai’s latent musical talent was unveiled when she performed at her church’s national conference at the tender age of seven.

Shingisai Suluma’s educational journey saw her attending Chembira and Kudakwashe primary schools in Glen Norah, Zimbabwe. She furthered her studies at Nettleton Junior School in Braeside and pursued her O-level and A-level education at Hatfield Girls High School and Oriel Girls School.

Following her academic pursuits in Zimbabwe, Shingisai embarked on an artistic expedition abroad, specializing in textile and design. She honed her artistic skills in Wimbledon, England, and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Surrey University.

Music Career

Upon her return to Zimbabwe, Shingisai Suluma’s passion for both art and music converged into a remarkable career.

Simultaneously working as an art teacher in Harare’s distinguished high schools, including Oriel Girls School and Alan Wilson Boys School, Shingisai solidified her place as a preeminent gospel artist in the nation.

In 1995, Shingisai released her debut album, marking the commencement of her musical voyage.

Her melodious voice, profound lyrics, and heartfelt worship songs resonated with audiences as she continued to release nine albums, each a testament to her unwavering Christian faith.

Shingisai Suluma’s contributions to gospel music in Zimbabwe have garnered her widespread recognition and reverence.

Marital Bliss

Shingisai Suluma’s personal life radiates as brightly as her music. She shares a joyous marriage with Pastor Stephen Suluma, and together, they are blessed with two daughters, Tashinga and Tiara.

Awards and Discography

Shingisai Suluma’s impact is further exemplified by her accolades, including multiple Zimbabwe Music Awards for Best Female Gospel and an Outstanding Song accolade at the National Arts Merit Awards for “Nanhasi.”

Her discography showcases her artistic evolution:

    • 1995 – Zvanaka
    • 1998 – Huyai Ishe Jesu
    • 2000 – Mumaoko
    • 2002 – Nokuti Wakanaka
    • 2004 – Fara Zvakadaro
    • 2005 – Tatenda Taona
    • 2007 – Maitiro Enyu
    • 2009 – Ndewake
    • 2013 – Rwendo
    • 2016 – Masuwo
    • 2016 – O Holy Night-Usiku Hutsvene
    • 2017 – Pano Patasvika

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