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Shantel Yeukai Chiwara: Making History as Masvingo’s Youngest Mayor

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Shantel Yeukai Chiwara made history as Masvingo’s youngest mayor after growing up with strong ties in the political field of the province. Below is the detailed biography of the young politician and her life.

Shantel Chiwara Early Life and Education

Shantel Chiwara, the daughter of former deputy mayor James Chiwara, had strong ties to Masvingo’s political landscape from an early age. She attended Victoria High School and later pursued higher education.

Chiwara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), highlighting her academic achievements. Currently, she is dedicated to her education and personal growth, pursuing a Strategic Management Masters’ degree at Great Zimbabwe University (GZU).

Political Career

As a member of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in Zimbabwe, Chiwara’s political journey began with her victorious run for the Masvingo Ward 2 council seat during the August 23, 2023, harmonized polls. She secured a decisive victory with 2,287 votes, marking the beginning of her remarkable political career.

In a historic move, Chiwara was elected as the Mayor of Masvingo with an overwhelming majority of 11 out of 13 votes cast by councillors. Her victory signifies a significant shift in Zimbabwean politics, emphasizing the promotion of women and young leaders in governance.

Mayoral Duties for Chiwara

Shantel Chiwara, as the newly elected Mayor of Masvingo, collaborates with Deputy Mayor Councillor Daniel Mberikunashe, also from the CCC. Mberikunashe, serving his third term as Ward 5 councillor, brings valuable experience and expertise to the mayoral team.

Chiwara’s official swearing-in ceremony as the Mayor of Masvingo was presided over by Town Clerk Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa.

Controversy and Reception

Chiwara’s election as Mayor, at the age of 25, elicited mixed reactions among Zimbabweans. While some celebrated it as a significant victory for women in leadership positions, others voiced concerns about her age and whether she possesses the necessary experience to effectively manage council affairs.


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