Sending many text messages is now illegal till elections pass

Funny cellphone
Funny cellphone

THE Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (Potraz) has reportedly banned bulk text messages from international gateways until after the July 31 poll.

Media and information project confirmed the development yesterday, adding that it had over the years sent bulk messages without any restrictions.

“However in the run-up to Zimbabwe’s 2013 election, our ability to send bulk text messages has been blocked. We have been informed by Econet that their regulator, Potraz, has issued a directive blocking the delivery of bulk messages from international gateways,” the organisation said.

“ believes Potraz is acting unconstitutionally, and will be contacting Potraz and the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Infrastructural Development about this issue. Zimbabweans have a right to receive and impart information, as enshrined in the Constitution’s guarantee of the right to freedom of expression. views the interference in our work as obstructive, repressive and hostile,” added.

Potraz could not be immediately reached for comment.




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