ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Sanii Makhalima Biography| Real Name, Age, Music Career, Controversies

Sanii Makhalima Biography| Real Name, Age, Music Career, Controversies

Sanii Makhalima Biography| Real Name, Age, Music Career, Controversies post thumbnail image

Renowned for his incredible singing, songwriting, and producing talent, Sanii Makhalima is a Zimbabwean artist currently making waves in Australia. He pioneered the Urban Grooves genre in Zimbabwe, revolutionizing the music scene with a fusion of contemporary beats and traditional African rhythms.

Unveiling the Real Name and Age

Born on October 12, 1985, as Lungisani Makhalima, Sanii is now 38 years old, bringing a wealth of experience to his craft.

Academic Pursuits

While details about his primary and secondary education remain limited, Sanii Makhalima holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Human Resource Management from the prestigious University of Cape Town, showcasing his commitment to both education and art.

Musical Genesis

Sanii’s musical journey commenced at the tender age of 9, taking flight professionally in 1999. His debut album, “Usadaro,” released in the New Millennium, featured tracks like “Ndofefeterwa” and “Hakuna mumwe,” gaining widespread popularity and visually captivating over 41,693 viewers on YouTube to this day.

Sanii Makhalima

Sanii Makhalima-Image Source@zimprofiles

Not limited to his own discography, Sanii has produced over 1000 songs for fellow artists, resulting in nearly 200 number one hits. Recognized for his exceptional contributions, he has received nominations from prestigious awards such as the ZIMA Awards, NAMA Awards, and Golden Scissors Awards.

Discography Highlights

  • Usadaro
  • Ndofefeterwa
  • Acoustic
  • The Urban Renewal (2011)
  • Mr. Makhalima & Friends
  • Evolution (2013)

Each album is a testament to Sanii’s evolving artistry, from the early releases like “Usadaro” and “Ndofefeterwa” to the collaborative spirit of “Mr. Makhalima & Friends” and the artistic maturation displayed in “Evolution.”

Navigating Controversies

In 2013, controversy surrounded Sanii when he produced the album “Get Connected” for the Born Free Crew, aiming to support Robert Mugabe as a “cool leader.” This decision sparked significant backlash, dividing his fan base and raising questions about artistic integrity.

On his Facebook page, followers expressed anger and disappointment, challenging Sanii’s motivations. The controversy highlighted the challenges artists face when navigating political affiliations.


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