MOST men in Mzansi are not satisfying their partners in bed.

Mzansi men are said to be spending less time between the sheets and their performance leave their women disappointed.

The Sun published a study conducted by VictoriaMilan – a dating site for married people looking to have an extramarital affair – peeked into the bedrooms of its 6117 female members.

While Denmark holds the record of the most se_xually satisfied women as their husbands spend on average 44 minutes pleasuring their wives during steamy sessions, Mzansi men spend just 15 minutes, which is below average.

This is because another study shows that the average that couples spend during se_x was 19 minutes.

The study says Mzansi women must be feeling hard done because of this 15 minutes of se_xual attention.

In the United States, women enjoy a solid 41 minutes of se_x per er_otic encounter while the Finnish husbands dedicate 39 minutes to helping their partners cl_imax.

Also holding up the rear at the Zimbabweans, who claim to bring their partners to or_gasm in 21 minutes.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, claimed the hottest and hardest working husbands feel responsible for ensuring their wife is kept se_xually satisfied.

She said: “It takes a real man to recognise and satisfy the se_xual appetite of a woman.

“A common mistake is thinking that men aren’t se_xually satisfied and will stray – it actually works both ways.

“Keeping a confident, beautiful and independent woman exclusively in your bed is no easy task, and hero husbands will put as much time as it takes into keeping the lust levels licked.



By Simba

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