ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa Biography| Age, Education, Personal Life, Career post thumbnail image

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa is a well-known radio personality, Master of Ceremony (MC), and dedicated youth activist who has left an indelible mark on the media landscape.

Early Years and Family

Born on September 15, 1988, Ruvheneko is the sixth child among seven siblings in the family of David and Choice Parirenyatwa.

Educational Pursuits

Ruvheneko’s educational journey took her to Chisipite Senior School for high school and later to the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa.

At UCT, she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media, Writing, and Political Science, coupled with a Diploma in Marketing.

Her academic curiosity led her to study International Relations at the University of Zimbabwe from 2016 to 2018.

Marriage and Divorce

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

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Ruvheneko initiated divorce proceedings from Basil Mafara, her husband since 2014, citing a loss of affection with no possibility of reconciliation. Their union, under the out-of-community-of-property system, ended without children.

Pregnancy Announcement

In March 2022, Ruvheneko joyfully announced her pregnancy but unfortunately faced the loss of twins after childbirth.

Career Beginnings

Ruvheneko’s career took root during her time at UCT, where she hosted the Current Affairs Talk Show at the university’s radio station.

In November 2013, she received a nomination for the Africa Leadership Project alongside notable Zimbabweans.

Rise to Prominence

Her career continued to ascend, with highlights such as being the MC at the Miss Zimbabwe 2014 pageant and hosting an exclusive interview with Stunner in 2017.

However, her time at ZiFM Stereo ended in November 2016 due to workplace frustrations, marked by a dispute over a guest imposition during an interview.

ZBC Role and Unexpected Departure

In September 2019, Ruvheneko became the Director of Corporate Communications at ZBC. Unfortunately, her tenure ended abruptly on April 26, 2020, when she was unexpectedly terminated by Josaya Tayi, the Chairman of the board.

Comeback in 2021

Despite the challenges, Ruvheneko made a triumphant return to ZBC in 2021, taking on the role of host for the talk show titled “The Link.”

Her journey, marked by highs and lows, showcases the resilience and determination that define Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa both personally and professionally.

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