"Real Men Vanotsvagwa NeZIMRA NeAnti-Corruption" :Wicknell Chivhayo

“Real Men Vanotsvagwa NeZIMRA NeAnti-Corruption”: Wicknell Chivhayo

Businessman Wicknell Chivhayo has shared a “joke” that is currently trending on social media on what a “real man” should be like.

According to the joke, a real man should constantly “rub shoulders” with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC).

Taking to his Instagram stories, Chivhayo wrote:

“Real Men vanotsvagwa ne Zimra ne Anti-Corruption. Kwete zvenyu zvekutsvagwa ne Edgar’s ne TV Sales & Home.” 

"Real Men Vanotsvagwa NeZIMRA NeAnti-Corruption" -: Wicknell Chivhayo
“Real Men Vanotsvagwa NeZIMRA NeAnti-Corruption” -: Wicknell Chivhayo. Image Credit: Mafaro

Recently, Chivayo told the High Court that his arrest on allegations of defrauding the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) had tarnished his integrity to an extent that it was difficult to get any lucrative contracts.

He was testifying in a case where he was suing ZPC US$22 million for defamation, and for breaching the solar project deal, which he argues was still valid.

According to Chivayo, his company, Intratrek Zimbabwe, lost considerable business, locally and abroad, owing to the ZPC scandal.

Chivayo said he has lost credibility with potential clients.

“I can no longer do any projects due to the bad publicity l have received due to the ZPC deal. 

“I have lost potential business in Kenya and Tanzania. l had gone there to do business and l was told l was the person who took money from ZPC and ran away.”

Initially, ZPC laid charges of fraud against Chivayo accusing him of taking money meant for the Gwanda solar project which he reportedly failed to implement.

Chivayo, however, denies the allegations.




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