ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Ray Vines Biography: Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Education, Controversies, Comments on Albinism

Ray Vines Biography: Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Education, Controversies, Comments on Albinism

Ray Vines Biography: Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Education, Controversies, Comments on Albinism post thumbnail image

Ray Vines, born Melusi Chiripowako, is a multifaceted Zimbabwean artist known for his comedic brilliance and controversial statements.

Age and Date of Birth

Born on April 8, 2000, in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Ray Vines is currently 23 years old as of 2023.

Early Life & Education

Ray Vines spent his formative years at Tafadzwa Primary School in Chitungwiza and later pursued his Secondary and Advanced level studies at Seke 1 High. Juggling academic pursuits and creative endeavours, he is currently pursuing a BSc Honours Degree in Computer Science at Midlands State University.

How He Got Into Comedy

Embarking on his comedic journey at the age of 18 in April 2018, Ray Vines introduced short videos, or vines, to Zimbabwe, addressing socio-economic and political issues with a touch of humour. His unique approach gained significant traction on social media, amassing a considerable following.


Ray Vines gained attention by claiming to set up a boxing ring at the Harare International Conference Center, leading to a public dispute with Zimdancehall musician Winky D. These controversies, coupled with his outspoken nature, kept him in the spotlight.


Mocking Solomon Harudzibwi’s Albinism:

Ray Vines faced backlash for insensitive comments about Solomon Harudzibwi’s albinism during an online debate. The derogatory remarks triggered a public outcry, highlighting the responsibility of influencers to promote inclusivity and respect.

The Heated Exchange:

During the exchange, Vines mocked Harudzibwi’s albinism, perpetuating harmful stereotypes. The incident triggered a wave of public outcry, with calls for accountability and responsible platform use.

Ray Vines’ Response:

Despite pressure to apologize, Ray Vines’ response was perceived as dismissive, impacting his reputation. The incident raised questions about influencers crossing ethical boundaries and the need for accountability in the digital age.

Impact on Ray Vines’ Reputation:

The mocking incident significantly affected Ray Vines’ reputation, leading to a decline in public support and endorsement deals. It underscored the importance of influencers avoiding the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes.

Mocking Mugabe’s Son:

In January 2021, Ray Vines issued an apology after mocking Robert Mugabe’s son, Chatunga, expressing regret for any harm caused to the Mugabe family legacy.

Negative Remarks on Holy Ten:

In February 2021, Ray Vines criticized Holy Ten’s song “Appetite,” leading to social media backlash and debates on artist-to-artist etiquette.

Estimated Earnings & Net Worth

While specific financial details are not publicly disclosed, Ray Vines has commercialized his brand through merchandise under the ‘Mukukuzvi’ brand, managed by HashTagZimbabwe.




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