Rapper Maskiri Opens Up On An Incident He Jumped Off From A Third Floor Balcony After Being Caught With A Married Woman

Rapper Maskiri Opens Up On An Incident He Jumped Off From A Third-Floor Balcony After Being Caught With A Married Woman

Rapper and songwriter Alishias Musimbe who is popularly known as Maskiri has opened up on the incident in which his leg was injured 17 years ago.

At that time it was reported that Maskiri broke his pelvis after he jumped off a third-floor balcony. This follows after he was allegedly caught pants down with someone’s wife in the Harare avenues area.

ZiMetro reports that Maskiri spoke during Star FM’s After Drive run by DJ Ollah 7, he said:

“It was like a film since people kept talking about it.

“The thing is we had an accident, panga pasingafanire kuti pabude zvakaitika chaizvo chaizvo so zvaitoda kuti zvivharwe.

“It wasn’t real, even if someone would jump from the first-floor haararame, what about the third floor?

“It was as well a process of making a name. I used to be in the newspapers every day.

“I was given money for not disclosing anything that happened.”

Maskiri said on the day in question, they had gone out for some drinks.

“It was like munhu anga ane munhu weuyu.

I was the public figure there and, after the accident, some were taken to different hospitals and the story was not supposed to be exposed.

We were injured tiri two nemumwe musikana. So, I was in the ward where investigations were carried out and I was at the forefront.

I realised that the woman did not want the story to come out. She would make sure I get all the money and the issue is put under the carpet.

We had gone for drinks and pane mota yanga yatobiwawo yemumwe murume aiva nebabe rake ipapo.

These ladies had stolen a car from their man and took us to go for drinks.

Unfortunately, the car had an accident and it was damaged beyond repair, so to explain the issue was a challenge,” he added.

According to Maskiri, the narrative of the incident had to be changed.

“The narrative was changed to the case that I fell from the third floor.

It was no longer making sense since everything had to be changed to protect them.

“We discussed this issue. The guy covered the issue. We last talked long back. I am told the guy went to Mozambique. I am married but it’s my private life, because zvinhu zvacho mahwani.




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