ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Queen Tatelicious Biography & Profile: Zimbabwe Media Personality

Queen Tatelicious Biography & Profile: Zimbabwe Media Personality

Queen Tatelicious Biography & Profile: Zimbabwe Media Personality post thumbnail image

Queen Tatelicious Biography & Profile: Zimbabwe Media Personality

Queen Tatelicious is a Zimbabwean transgender woman who is famous for her social media presence and gossip sessions. She was born as Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe and grew up in Budiriro, Harare. She has a twin sister and two other siblings. She underwent a sex change surgery in 2013 and legally changed her gender to female. She is also HIV positive and has a son from a previous relationship.

Early Life and Education

Queen Tatelicious was born in Budiriro, Harare, where she lived with her parents and siblings. She has a twin sister named Tendai Karigambe. When she was 12 years old, she was raped by her uncle and contracted HIV. She ran away from home and sought refuge in Sweden after being arrested and having her house burnt down. She also claimed that her mother was assaulted because of her.

She attended Eastridge Primary School in Harare and then Nyahuni Secondary School. However, she was expelled from Nyahuni in Form Two for indiscipline. She then transferred to Glen View 2 High School, where she became the headboy until she moved to Watershed College. She enrolled at the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) to study chemical engineering, but she was caught stealing on camera and expelled. She later got a scholarship to study at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, but she did not finish her degree.

Tatelicious-Image Source@Facebook

Tatelicious-Image Source@Facebook

Sex Change Surgery

In 2013, Queen Tatelicious announced that she had spent over US$80,000 to transform herself into a woman. She had breast implants and vaginoplasty, which is a surgical procedure to create a vagina. She also registered as a female with the Registrar-General’s Office in Zimbabwe in 2013. However, some people have doubted her surgery and accused her of using fake breasts made of condoms filled with water or stockings stuffed with things.

Personal Life

Marriage and Divorce

Queen Tatelicious married a Swedish man named Richard Sandberg in Sweden on December 9, 2017. They had a lavish wedding ceremony that was broadcasted on social media. However, in August 2018, she announced that they had decided to divorce amicably. She said that they had realized that they had lost the spark that brought them together and that they wanted to move on with their lives. She also said that they remained best friends.


In May 2020, Queen Tatelicious revealed that she had a son named Tanyaradzwa Tatenda Karigambe, who was born before she had her sex change surgery. She said that she had given him up for adoption when he was six months old because she could not take care of him. In December 2020, Tilda Moyo conducted a DNA test with Queen Tatelicious’s twin sister and confirmed that Tanyaradzwa was related to her sister, making him Queen Tatelicious’s son.

Rape Allegations

In October 2020, a Gambian publication reported that Queen Tatelicious had drugged and raped a Gambian man named Sulayman Ceesay in Sweden. The publication claimed that Sulayman had filed a police report against Queen Tatelicious and that he had suffered injuries from the assault. Queen Tatelicious denied the allegations and said that she had consensual sex with Sulayman, who had proposed to marry her so that he could get papers to stay in Sweden.

Eviction and Homelessness

In March 2022, Queen Tatelicious was evicted from a mansion in Saltvik that she had lost in a legal battle with her former landlord. She said that she had paid US$1 million for the house, but the landlord claimed that she had not paid the full amount and sued her. She also said that the landlord had harassed her and cut off her electricity and water supply. She was left homeless and had to sleep in her car.

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