ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Qounfuzed Profile & Biography | Real Name, Age, Musical Career, Awards and Controversies

Qounfuzed Profile & Biography | Real Name, Age, Musical Career, Awards and Controversies

Qounfuzed Profile & Biography | Real Name, Age, Musical Career, Awards and Controversies post thumbnail image

Qounfuzed Profile & Biography | Real Name, Age, Musical Career, Awards and Controversies

Real Name

Qounfuzed’s real name is McDonald Sheldon.

Age & Date Of Birth

Qounfuzed was born on June 5, 1993, in Harare, Zimbabwe, which means that as of 2023, he is 30 years old.

Early Life and Background

Qounfuzed grew up in a family with a deep appreciation for music, and although none of his family members had a music background, they often enjoyed listening to music together. As a child, Qounfuzed was exposed to the music of renowned artists such as UB40 and Michael Jackson, which played a significant role in inspiring his passion for music.

Qounfuzed-Image Source@Facebook

Qounfuzed-Image Source@Facebook

Journey in the Music Industry

Discovering Music

Qounfuzed’s journey into music began organically, influenced by the diverse musical landscape around him. Inspired by the ever-changing music scene, he found himself drawn to various genres and artists. Over time, he developed a unique musical style that incorporated elements from reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall. His versatility in blending these genres became a hallmark of his music.

Professional Debut

In 2008, Qounfuzed took the leap and started recording professionally as an urban grooves artist at Track Records in Harare. During that year, he also connected with several other producers, including Gaanwid, with whom he currently collaborates under the Trinidad Studios music stable.

Musical Influences

Qounfuzed draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, both local and international, spanning across different generations. He looks up to established artists like Winky D, whose musical achievements have set a high standard for the Zimbabwean Dancehall industry. He also cites Kibaki, I-Octane, Stein, and Bramma as sources of inspiration for their contributions to the music industry.

Hit Singles

Qounfuzed-Image Source@Facebook

Qounfuzed-Image Source@Facebook

Among Qounfuzed’s notable hits is his popular single “Things You Make Me Do,” featuring Ephy K. The song resonated with audiences and further solidified his position as a rising star in the music industry. While “Things You Make Me Do” brought him considerable success, Qounfuzed remains focused on creating more hits and establishing himself as an artist with a distinctive sound and message.

Challenges and Aspirations

As with any artist, Qounfuzed has faced challenges in his career. One of the significant hurdles he encountered was securing radio airplay for his music. However, he remains undeterred and continues to strive for recognition and success in the industry. His ultimate aspiration is to perform and collaborate with prominent artists on an international level, transcending borders and reaching a global audience.

Musical Evolution and Reinvention

Over the years, Qounfuzed has undergone a notable musical evolution and reinvention. From being recognized as a “bad boy” and a symbol of Zimdancehall’s early days, he has transitioned into a more mature and reflective artist. Through introspective and love-conscious songs, he captures the struggles and emotions faced by ordinary Zimbabweans living in high-density suburbs.

Creativity and Artistry

Qounfuzed’s creativity and artistry are evident not only in his music but also in his music videos. Known for producing visually captivating content, he carefully selects locations, vixens, and camera work to deliver top-notch videos. Although he has previously worked with established producers, he has also ventured into collaborations with up-and-coming talents, leveraging their availability and fresh perspectives.

Impact and Recognition

Qounfuzed’s impact on the Zimbabwean music scene is undeniable. His songs resonate with a wide audience, earning him a devoted fan base. While his music has achieved significant success online and on radio charts, he acknowledges that some award shows have not yet fully recognized his contributions. Despite this, he remains focused on creating great music and connecting with his fans.

Awards Controversy

Despite Qounfuzed’s undeniable impact on the Zimbabwean music scene, he has faced controversy surrounding award nominations. The National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) organizers drew criticism from fans and fellow artists when Qounfuzed was notably absent from the nominees’ list at the 21st Nama ceremony.

Snubbing the Nomination

Qounfuzed-Image Source@Facebook

Qounfuzed-Image Source@Facebook

Many were surprised by the exclusion of Qounfuzed’s name, considering his successful 2022, during which he released several hit singles, including “Kamunamato Kumubhawa,” “Shisha,” and “Stop It I Like It.” In response to the nomination snub, Qounfuzed took to social media to express his disappointment, calling out the Nama organizers for what he deemed to be a “dramatic” oversight.

Efforts to Rectify the Situation

In an attempt to address the controversy, Qounfuzed provided evidence of his email submissions to the awards organizers well ahead of the nomination deadline. However, he expressed frustration with the handling of the situation, claiming that the Nama representatives initially acknowledged the receipt of his submissions but later failed to include his name in the final list of nominees.

Refraining from Future Submissions

As a result of the awards controversy, Qounfuzed made a firm decision not to submit any further works for consideration in award shows. He expressed his disillusionment with the local dominant and prominent Zimbabwean awards organizers, stating that their lack of recognition would not deter him from delivering quality music to his loyal fans.

Support from Peers

In the midst of the awards controversy, Qounfuzed received support from fellow artists, including hip-hop artist Christabell “Kikky Badass” Mahlungwa. Kikky Badass commended Qounfuzed’s resilience and encouraged him to continue producing great music, emphasizing that his artistry had a significant impact on Zimbabwean music.

Leaked Photos Controversy

Despite being an award-winning Zim Dancehall sensation known for his dynamic performances and catchy tunes, Qounfuzed has not been immune to controversies in his personal life. One of the most recent scandals he faced was in connection with alleged bedroom photos that circulated on social media, causing a significant uproar in July 2023.

The authenticity and origin of these images have been a subject of debate, leaving Qounfuzed in the midst of an alleged scandal. As an artist in the public eye, he now faces the challenge of navigating this controversy while maintaining his reputation and relationship with his fans.

Quarrel With Seh Calaz Over Woman

This, however, is not the first time that Qounfuzed has found himself entangled in a web of drama. Back in April 2014, he was involved in a highly publicized altercation with fellow Zim Dancehall artist Seh Calaz at the engagement party of fellow artists Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa. The quarrel erupted over a woman named Astral Vee Vanessa, who happened to be Qounfuzed’s girlfriend at the time. Reports suggested that Vanessa had been involved in an affair with Seh Calaz, leading to resentment and escalating tensions between the two artists.

Qounfuzed was accused of playing a role in instigating Seh Calaz’s affair with Vanessa by relentlessly pursuing information about Seh Calaz’s own girlfriend, who was believed to be residing in the United Kingdom. In a twist of events, Seh Calaz retaliated by vowing to date Qounfuzed’s girlfriend as a form of payback, turning the situation into a tangled love triangle that became the talk of the town, fueling speculations and gossip amongst fans.

Current Projects and Future Endeavors

Currently based in the United Kingdom for his studies, Qounfuzed continues to produce music and engage with his fans online. He plans to release more singles and music videos, exploring themes that connect with the Zimbabwean experience. With his dedication and resilience, Qounfuzed is determined to regain his former glory and cement his position as a prominent figure in the music industry.


Qounfuzed’s journey in the music industry reflects his passion for music and his commitment to artistic growth. From his early days as a Zimdancehall pioneer to his current musical evolution, he has continued to captivate audiences with his unique style and versatile sound. As he strives for international recognition and collaboration with industry giants, Qounfuzed remains an artist to watch, and his impact on Zimbabwean music continues to be felt. Despite the challenges and controversies, Qounfuzed’s dedication to his craft and connection with his audience ensure that his journey is one of growth and influence in the ever-evolving world of music.

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