ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Q Dube Siziba Biography & Profile|Age, Career, Controversies, Relocation to SA

Q Dube Siziba Biography & Profile|Age, Career, Controversies, Relocation to SA

Q Dube Siziba Biography & Profile|Age, Career, Controversies, Relocation to SA post thumbnail image

Q Dube Siziba, hailing from Zimbabwe, is a multifaceted entertainer known for his roles as a comedian, TV presenter, actor, and scriptwriter. Although originally raised in Zimbabwe, he has since established his base in South Africa. This biographical account aims to present a holistic view of his life, career highlights, and significant accomplishments while also delving into the controversies that have marked his professional path.

Real Name

Q Dube Siziba’s real name is Nqobizitha Mitchel Dube.

Origins of Stage Name

Q Dube adopted the stage name during his relocation to Johannesburg in 2018, changing it from “Q The Boss.”
The evolution of his moniker signifies a shift in his career and a new chapter in the vibrant South African
entertainment scene.

While specific details about the inspiration behind the name are not available, the change aligns with the
dynamic nature of Q Dube’s career and his pursuit of diverse opportunities.

Age & Date of Birth

Q Dube’s age and date of birth are not mentioned in publicly available documents.


Stand-Up Comedy

Q Dube has an extensive history in stand-up comedy, with notable performances at various events and venues,
including the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA).


As a TV presenter, Q Dube has hosted shows such as “The Q Dube Show” and “The Late Night Show with Q


Q Dube has demonstrated his acting prowess in films and television series, including notable works like “Cook
Off” and “The Gentleman.”

Q Dube Siziba biography

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SA Podcast Controversy (November, 2023)

On November 10, 2023, Q Dube became embroiled in a significant controversy following his appearance on a South
African podcast.

During the podcast, when asked about his biggest fear, the comedian candidly expressed a rather controversial
sentiment, stating, “My fear is smelling like a Zimbabwean, so I always bathe.”

This comment sparked outrage on social media platforms, with backlash from his fellow Zimbabweans.

Backlash from Zimbabweans

The comedian’s remarks were met with intense backlash, accusing him of perpetuating base stereotypes to
appeal to South African prejudices.

Social media users, including prominent figures, expressed their disappointment and criticism. The controversy
ignited a broader conversation about cultural sensitivity and self-perception within the Zimbabwean

Apology and Aftermath

In response to the escalating controversy, Q Dube issued a public apology on November 11, 2023. He attributed
his controversial remarks to over-excitement and losing control of the conversation during the podcast.

The fallout raised questions about Q Dube’s public image and his connection with his home country.


Q Dube’s notable achievements include winning the Outstanding Comedian award at the National Art Merit Awards
in 2017. His contributions to the comedy scene have earned him recognition and opportunities to perform
alongside international comedians.

Relocation to South Africa

In 2018, Q Dube moved significantly, relocating to South Africa to pursue new opportunities and career
growth. He severed ties with his role as a breakfast show host at Power FM in Zimbabwe, embracing the
challenges and possibilities in the South African entertainment industry.

One-Man Show Ambition

Q Dube’s ambition extended to organizing a one-man show titled #Fillup7Arts, at the 7 Arts Theatre in Harare.
The show aimed to showcase his comedic talents and provide a platform for local supporting acts.

Battle with COVID-19

In 2021, Q Dube faced a personal challenge as he battled COVID-19 while residing in South Africa. He shared his
recovery journey on social media, urging followers to take care of themselves during the pandemic.




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