United Family International Founder (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa’s confirmation that he is building a multi-million dollar mansion for foreign
dignitaries and visitors in Glen Lorne have vindicated The Zimbabwe Mail which broke the story in December last year.

Investigations at the time unearthed that Makandiwa was building a boutique hotel, but it has now turned
out to be a massive mission house.
Makandiwa, at the time, denied any links to the building and threatened to sue The Zimbabwe Mail, but not before his spokesperson Prime Kufa said
people could be confusing “the man of God” and a church construction company. “There is no way the man of God would do such a thing without my knowledge. Unless the people you are talking about have hired our construction company,” Kufa said then.
“We have a construction company building our church in Chitungwiza and that is as far as I know, but they can also be hired by other people to work on their projects.”

Following the publication of the story in December last year, Makandiwa was not amused. “We had hoped our first correspondence to yourselves was to be a congratulatory message on
your being the latest newspaper stable on our streets but alas because of your undesirably obtrusive behaviour we start in a legal battle,” Makandiwa’s lawyers Manase and Manase said.

Makandiwa said the article titled “Makandiwa builds Hotel” represented an attack of the religious cleric. “The article is defamatory to our client and in its entirety, it contains nothing but malevolent and malicious falsehoods which are unfounded, speculative and indeed unwarranted,” the letter said.

Early this week, Kufa and crew made a u-turn and came clean, revealing to a local daily that Makandiwa was involved in a construction project for
the church’s VIPs. Kufa confirmed our December expose: “The difference is that your story referred to the
building as a hotel and the location was different, you said in Kambanji and we are in Glen Lorne,” said Kufa.

Source : ZimMail



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