JOHANNESBURG – Alleluia International Ministries pastor Alph Lukau has lashed out at the media for its coverage of what he calls his “resurrection miracle”.

However, Lukau has also boasted about the publicity he received from all over the world.

A video emerged recently, which appears to show the resurrection ‘miracle’. A man sits up in coffin after the pastor prayed for him. Lukau has been widely criticised with the police and rights groups now investigating.

However, last week the pastor said last he had noticed the man breathing but he told congregants on Sunday that there was still a miracle that took place.

He used a significant amount of time during his sermon to congregants to explain the meaning of miracles.

The reception was warm and church members shouted “amen” to every statement he made.

Lukau says miracles go beyond what human’s consider normal.

“Even if you brought a dead body and laid the body on the altar, you call on God and God will heal the person. The crime should be that you kill a person not that you brought to person back to life.”

He is confident the backlash his church is facing will pass.

A number of investigations are under way into Lukau’s conduct and a case of fraud has been opened.



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