Abdul Juma Isack, father to flamboyant singer Diamond Platnumz is not in good shape and the old man is crying out loud for help. In an interview with Mwanachi on Friday, the ailing Juma revealed he developed knee problem sometimes back and is occasionally immobile and tucked on bed for days in his lonely house.

Struggling with tears, Juma sobbed as he narrated his story of neglect and abandonment by the only son, now a wealthy singer and entrepreneur. “My health is not good and I’m sickly. At the moment, my knee is aching to much. I cannot walk long distance. As you can see, I’m in great pain and sometimes I cannot get off my bed,” he sobbed. The 52-year-old man is now pleading with his superstar son to cater for his health cover so he could be able to easily seek medication for his general deteriorating health. “I should have a small stall for my business so that I do not have to hawk stuff around. If had a car, it would be easy attending to customers’ need. Unfortunately, I am not able get one. Maybe a health insurance cover could help for now,” he appealed.

Initially, the two never used to see each other eye to eye but squashed their beef, with Diamond pretending to have welcomed him fully but going by the latest revelation, it is now clear all is not well.



By Mandisa

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