ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Ozemwa Naiza Boom Biography | Profile, Real Name, Family, Four Seasons Media

Ozemwa Naiza Boom Biography | Profile, Real Name, Family, Four Seasons Media

Ozemwa Naiza Boom Biography | Profile, Real Name, Family, Four Seasons Media post thumbnail image

Ozemwa Naiza Boom, a renowned Zimbabwean actor, achieved fame through his involvement with the prominent Naiza Boom Films group and his role as one of the founding leaders of Four Seasons Media ZW. Ozemwa Naiza Boom’s career is marked by artistic accomplishments and a significant departure from his former group, making his journey a notable one within the Zimbabwean entertainment industry.

Real Name

Ozemwa Naiza Boom’s true name is Myron Kudakwashe Muskwe.

Age & Date of Birth

Unfortunately, specific information about Ozemwa Naiza Boom’s age and date of birth is not publicly available.

2023 Departure from Naiza Boom

In October 2023, Ozemwa Naiza Boom, alongside three other long-standing members, Terrence Chirinda (Jatiwero), Yvonne Chirowa (Vovo), and Enlight Muzira (Netsai), made a significant decision to part ways with Naiza Boom after a collaborative journey of nine years.

Their decision to depart was influenced by various factors, including concerns related to low remuneration and grievances concerning the conduct of the group’s director, Michael Machiwona.

Low Salaries Allegations

Ozemwa Naiza Boom, one of the vocal departing members, disclosed that they felt inadequately compensated for their contributions. He described their remuneration as “peanuts,” highlighting that while Naiza Boom initially offered fair salaries, these payments dwindled over time to meager amounts.

Unprofessional Behavior Allegations

Aside from the financial disputes, the departing members raised allegations of unprofessional behavior within Naiza Boom. They claimed that Naiza Boom had adopted divisive tactics that sowed conflicts and a lack of respect among group members.

Ozemwa also mentioned that Naiza Boom’s director, Michael Machiwona, failed to foster a respectful working environment, which led to strained relationships among the group members and ultimately contributed to their decision to leave.

Formation of Four Seasons Media ZW

Following their departure from Naiza Boom, Ozemwa and the other departing members, including Jatiwero, Vhovho, and Natsai, established their own creative platform known as “Four Seasons Media ZW.” This venture included the launch of a YouTube channel under the same name, which quickly gained attention and garnered over 34,000 subscribers shortly after its debut.

The departing members were determined to continue their creative endeavors and maintain high standards in their productions.


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