Dear Andy Muridzo —

It is unfortunate that Elder Zex has been forced to dwell in a territory that involves Jah Prayzah because of things that are happening around him.

Last week I had strong words for Jah Prayzah’s road manager Mabla 10 who attacked a fan at a show over what he considered a nasty comment.

I hear that Mabla 10 has since approached his victim and they have settled the issue without going to court. Well done Mabla.

That is what gentlemen do. Realise your mistake and correct it on time.

It is good you did not take my advice with anger. You considered it and you made a good move.

That was a wise move and I guess you are now friends with your fan after that incident. Do not be to be in the same trap again. You did the right thing and keep on that trek.

Elder Zex would have wanted to divert from the Jah Prayzah territory, but things are happening too fast in his lane. Who can ignore what Jah Prayzah’s recent signing under Military Touch Movement, Andy Muridzo, has done?

Our controversial dancer Beverly Sibanda is claiming she is pregnant by the “Dherira” hitmaker and yesterday the issue seemed to turn hotter when Andy responded to the report through a video posted on Facebook and Bev threatened to expose him further.

Bev threatened to pull a Linda on Andy. For those in the dark about the Linda issue, Linda is Stunner’s wife who went on Facebook to expose secrets about their relationship with the rapper on Facebook. She humiliated Stunner and Bev seems ready to do the same with Andy.

I hope this mail finds you well Andy.

This should be a trying time for you because you have been on the centre of attraction for many reasons over the past week.

After reading an article by my young brother Godwin Muzari that questioned your alignment to Jah Prayzah at a time when you should be positioning yourself for serious competition from your rural brother, I felt sorry for you.

Somehow, I felt my young brother’s comment was not fair because you simply made a decision to work with your brother from Uzumba.

I understand you grew up in the same area and you take a lot of inspiration from Jah Prayzah. That should be a luring fact enough to make you happily join Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement.

You have such talent that your brother has failed to ignore. Even your lines on MTM’s debut song “Chekeche” say it all. Your lines are outstanding and it would not be a wrong assumption to say your brother feels threatened.

And, if he feels threatened, it would not be erroneous for me to suggest that you are now in a wrong territory.

You seem to have sold you soul Andy.

Well, that is not the purpose of this letter because I feel enough has been said about it.

Elder Zex is worried about the fast pace things have taken around you.

Elder Zex heard a word about your affair with Bev through grapevine sometime last year. I took it for granted because I know the excitement that comes with fame. After all, you are a man and you probably could not resist Bev’s stunts.

What worries me most, as I have noted before, is the rate at which things are happening.

Less than a week after joining your rival’s camp, dirty secrets are coming out. Most of us artistes knew about your affair with Bev last year and we are convinced that it ended then.

Why are these things coming out now? Do you have trust in people you have surrounded yourself with? Be careful Andy.

Open your eyes. Think again about the steps you are taking. Genuine friends are not easy to come by in this industry of ours.

You posted your video trying to explain the Bev issue, where was that video taken? Its background shows that your new handlers were involved. They should have advised you to make that statement on video.

Be careful Andy. You might expose yourself and put your career under threat in the name of brotherhood. Things are not as plain as they seem. Think again. Open your eyes.

For your information, a meeting was held at a local hotel by some of your handlers and their friends on the very day the Bev issue leaked to the media.

Watch your step and get wiser. I will be waiting for you at Midlands Hotel on February 24 to witness the first Military Touch Movement joint show.

At MTM they say “touch is a move”, but be careful about your moves. You have potential and it might be swallowed just like that

Source: Herald




By Simba

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