ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Nox Guni Biography| Real Name, Age, Education, Music Career, Awards, Marriage, Arrest

Nox Guni Biography| Real Name, Age, Education, Music Career, Awards, Marriage, Arrest

Nox Guni Biography| Real Name, Age, Education, Music Career, Awards, Marriage, Arrest post thumbnail image

Nox Guni, a versatile Zimbabwean musician, performer, and producer, emerged onto the music scene in the early 2000s as part of the Urban Grooves movement in Zimbabwe. With over two decades of musical excellence, Guni has become a prominent figure known for his diverse musical style and captivating performances.

The Man Behind the Music

Real Name: Enock Guni

Age: Born on September 6, 1983, making him 40 years old as of 2023.

Family Ties

Nox hails from Zaka, Masvingo, and is part of a vibrant family of six. As the second eldest, he has four brothers and one sister named Tendai – Martin, Gabriel, Tafadzwa, and Tinashe.

Educational Journey

Nox Guni’s educational background is impressive, having completed his primary education at Kuwadzana 3 Primary School and secondary education at Ellis Robins Boys High School and Morgan High School. He pursued a Bachelor of Commerce Honors Degree in Marketing Management from Midlands State University and continued with postgraduate studies at the University of South Africa.

Harmonizing the Music Scene

Nox Guni

Nox Guni-Image Source@zimprofiles

Nox’s musical journey began in 2002 with his debut track, “Iwe Maria,” marking the start of a successful career. He formed the group Afrounik in 2007 and released the album “Unikness.” Nox’s collaborations with artists like Makhadzi and Master KG have showcased his talent and versatility, making him a notable figure in the music industry.

Awards and Accolades

Nox Guni has received numerous awards, including the Zimbabwe Music Awards and Star FM Music Awards, highlighting his significant contributions to the music industry.

Love, Relationships, and Challenges

In 2012, Nox was in a relationship with Belinda Mutinhiri. He later married Tallyn Ndudzo in 2018, but their marriage faced challenges, leading to a publicized breakdown. Tallyn’s open confession on social media shed light on the difficulties, and the marriage ultimately faced a turbulent end.

Brush with the Law

Recently, Nox faced legal issues in Ireland, where he was arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud. The incident, involving a payment made with another person’s credit card details, led to legal proceedings. Nox’s lawyer clarified that he was not responsible for the hotel booking, and the case is set for further proceedings in September.

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