ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Novuyo Seagirl Dube Biography | Profile, Wiki, Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Controversies

Novuyo Seagirl Dube Biography | Profile, Wiki, Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Controversies

Novuyo Seagirl Dube Biography | Profile, Wiki, Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Controversies post thumbnail image

Novuyo Seagirl Dube, a multi-talented Zimbabwean artist, was born at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo. Her vibrant presence in the music scene is marked by significant achievements, including winning the Singing Category and Overall Winner title in the 2015 StarBrite competition.

Formerly a member of Sandra Ndebele’s Intombizomqangala women ensemble, Novuyo, along with her sisters, formed their band, performing nationwide and participating in corporate events.

Age & Date of Birth

Novuyo Seagirl Dube was born on August 16. However, the exact year of her birth is not publicly available.

Early Life & Education

Novuyo, the third born in a family of six, has a twin named Nomvula Ntombiyolwandle, also known as “Seagirl.” Her passion for music, dance, and acting led her to explore various avenues to hone her skills, touring countries like Germany, Austria, Russia, Mozambique, and South Africa.

Novuyo’s diverse taste in music spans acoustic soul, Afrocentric jazz, hip-hop, rap, country, and rock. She received acting training at the Bambata Actor’s Center and graduated from the Sabela Music Project Summer School in 2009.

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Novuyo seagirl Dube

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How She Got Into The Entertainment Industry

Novuyo ventured into the entertainment industry as part of various groups, gaining exposure and experience in music, dance, and acting. Her involvement in INTOMBIZOMQANGALA, Umoja cfc Ensemble, and One Band contributed to her growth as a versatile artist.


Novuyo gained significant recognition when she participated in the StarBrite competition, clinching victory in the Singing Category and securing the Overall Winner title in 2015. This breakthrough marked a turning point in her career, providing valuable exposure and opportunities for growth.

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Estimated Earnings & Net Worth

Information on Novuyo Seagirl Dube’s estimated earnings and net worth is not publicly available as of now.


Novuyo, a lover of macaroni cheese with mince, mango juice, and Doritos, is described as a free-spirited, lovable person who pursues psychological counseling studies. She commenced her first year in 2016 at the Center for Development Studies.

Controversy: Copyright Storm

In 2019, Novuyo faced a copyright storm when former Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo accused her of plagiarizing the hit single “A E I O U.” The song, which won Song of the Year at the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards, was allegedly based on a previous work done at Sunshine Studios in Harare.

Relocation to South Africa

In January 2021, Novuyo announced her relocation to South Africa, citing a lack of support in Zimbabwe and seeking better opportunities. She expressed frustration with the slow pace and lack of motivation in her hometown, Bulawayo.

Theatrical Feet in Victoria Falls

As of November 2023, Novuyo found herself exploring talents beyond music, getting involved in theatrical performances in Victoria Falls, particularly at The Ndlovu Theatre. Taking a break to work on her upcoming album, Novuyo expressed her commitment to personal and professional growth.

Scripts and Bars Creative Accelerator 2023

In January 2023, Novuyo participated in the Scripts and Bars creative accelerator, a digital content creation project initiated by Comexposed and the British Council. This project aimed to bring together creatives from Zimbabwe and the UK to collaborate across the music and literature sectors.


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