ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Netsai Naiza Boom Biography |Real Name, Age, Video Vixen, Acting Career, Four Seasons Media

Netsai Naiza Boom Biography |Real Name, Age, Video Vixen, Acting Career, Four Seasons Media

Netsai Naiza Boom Biography |Real Name, Age, Video Vixen, Acting Career, Four Seasons Media post thumbnail image

Netsai Naiza Boom, a talented Zimbabwean actress, commercial model, and renowned video vixen, has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry. She is best known for her contributions to Naiza Boom Films, a well-known entertainment group in Zimbabwe.

Discover the details of Netsai Naiza Boom’s life, including her career, controversies, and public interactions in this comprehensive biography.

Real Name

Netsai Naiza Boom’s real name is Enlight Muzira.

Age & Date of Birth

Unfortunately, specific details about Netsai Naiza Boom’s age and date of birth are not publicly available.

Netsai Naiza Boom biography

Netsai Naiza Boom-Image Source@zimprofiles


Information about Netsai Naiza Boom’s parents remains undisclosed.

Career Highlights

Netsai Naiza Boom has become a notable figure in the Zimbabwean entertainment scene through her involvement with Naiza Boom Films. Her appearances in various skits and interviews have significantly boosted the group’s popularity. Besides acting and modeling, she has also ventured into the world of music videos, gaining recognition as a video vixen.

Video Vixen Career

Netsai Naiza Boom’s journey in music videos includes a role in Boi Shona’s 2022 hit song “Honai” as the love interest of Boi Shona, adding depth and storytelling to the song’s narrative.

Controversy and 2023 Departure From Naiza Boom

In October 2023, Netsai Naiza Boom and several former members of Naiza Boom Films, including Terrence Chirinda (Jatiwero), Yvonne Chirowa (Vovo), and Myron Muswe (Ozemwa), publicly announced their departure from the group. Their decision was fueled by various issues, such as low salaries and allegations of unprofessional behavior by the group’s director, Michael Machiwona.

The departing members expressed their dissatisfaction with inadequate salaries and alleged that their pay had dwindled over time. Ozemwa, one of the outspoken members, described the salaries as “peanuts.” They also raised concerns about unprofessional behavior within the group, emphasizing divisive tactics and a lack of respect among members. The working environment under director Michael Machiwona was reported as disrespectful, straining relationships and leading to their exit.

Life After Naiza Boom Films – Four Seasons Media ZW

Following their departure from Naiza Boom, Netsai and her fellow members, Jatiwero, Vovo, and Ozemwa, embarked on a new creative journey. They established “Four Seasons Media ZW,” an independent entertainment platform, including a YouTube channel with over 34,000 subscribers soon after its launch. This marked a fresh chapter in their careers as they explored new opportunities beyond Naiza Boom Films.



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